Beautifully Dramatic

My identity is mixed and matched

from the roles I play.

I learn something new from each and every one

About them and myself and

The perception of the world

from the stage.

I'm not just a

thespian, director, or manager.

I'm a philosophist, psychologist, anthropologist

A generalist if you will -

all a part of the trade.


Memorization may be key,

but it doesn't fit the lock.

You need certainty, empathy, humanity.

There's nothing more human than

becoming someone else.

The mind you create becomes

vicarious for you and for many.

And if you like how they

walk and talk or carry themselves

then you can do it too

because anyone can change

whether it's costume, or character

or even the scene.

It's possible as long as you try.

If you don't know what

to do then that's alright,

make it up as you go.


Being on stage is like being

a cog in a machine.

You become essential,

part of a whole.

Being in theatre is like being

a little tiny baby child

in a dysfunctional family,

where nothing matters

other than who you are

and who you are is

always enough, always worthwhile.

Whether you're

on stage, on tech, or behind the scenes

you will always be a part

of a family.

Not connected by blood

or even the stage but by the

circle of love created everyday,

deepened by the energy put into

every script, every prop, every play.


Our family created an anthology,

but we're not playing house.

This is our home.


la vie boheme

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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