Remember when you first started school
All you wanted was to be fuckin cool
You just had to break some kind of rule
If you were bad up on the chalkboard 
The teacher would write your name
But it was the check marks next to it
That really brought you the fame
Throwing things at the teachers head
Cause it was funny to hear what the people said
Until teacher called home, then your ass was dead
Somethin to say, you had to raise your hand
At recess you would play in the sand
You were never aloud to make a single decision
If you had to take a piss, you had to ask permission 
Day after day forced to listen what the teacher had to say
So much B.S that I know I'll never need
I did learn to wright, and eventually read
I think is was cheating on all the test
That made me feel like I was the best
As time passes, you start skipping classes
Making fun of people with glasses
Then it started to be cool to smoke
Unless that shit made you choke
It was a time when everybody was broke
Your only concern was getting lunch money
Because bringing your lunch started looking funny
Remember walking to school in the cold
Always wishing that you were old
And you didn't have those stupid books to hold
People would always shoot spitballs
When they walked through the halls
The next year was the same 
They seemed to love that fuckin game
People would throw pencils into the ceilings
And it was cool to hurt the teachers feelings
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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