School of Stress.


Have you ever felt alone. You could be around a crowd of people yet feel like your the lonliest person ever? To walk around school and just feel like your suffocating in this big ball of stress and you could scream and yell but no one notices you need help. Nothing is ever good enough, effort doesnt matter like it used too. Parents don't understand because highschool now is alot different from highschool then. Teachers get mad and cut no slack, plus act like their the only teacher we have. Friends smile infront of you face, but the minute you do something they don't like they don't think twice to talk behind your back. Boyfriends and girlfriends just add on more and more, yes it's fun to be with someone, you feel like your on cloud nine, but then things start to settle in, and you get to see a person's true colors, and when they do something wrong it can stress you out to the fullest. Highschool is deffinatley not what it was perceived to be as i was a kid...

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