Inane Things to Remember

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 18:31 -- tcouch4


You know that it’s stupid if you over-analyze it.

You know that it’s stupid if it is extraneous.

For this reason, what happened four months ago is stupid.

I remember how late it was, almost dark for that matter

and I was on my way to drop off that last assignment that needed to be turned in.

I remember rounding the corner of the dull, brick nine-hundred building,

and seeing her in the classroom; I was so scared.

But I knew it had to be done.

So I went into the room and there she was, casually strolling around

like she always used to; like I had recalled. 

And I do seem to redeem those eyes as sharp.

I did seem to interject my innocence and cluelessness towards her.

Obviously and aimlessly I went up to the man and handed him what I needed to,

And he probably made some comment about how happy he was

(There’s something I don’t remember),

And as I turned around and started to go, I heard her- it almost frightened me-

say two words I had never heard her say in the 461 days and 45 minutes since I had met her;

“Hello Tyler.”


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