Can You Hear Me?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 19:51 -- Jaela


I am here.

by the skin of my teeth and the sleet beneith my feet

slidding on the floor..if I fall I WILL sue

Kids fileing through the door..move or be moved

Trying to get to where im goin but what I know I'll soon forget

I come here to build my mind with a differnet mind set

And Yet,

with the will to be witty and dumb

I come here feeling numb.

Acting Ignorant and Ignant

with mostly black pigment...

Yes my skin is brown too

But who am I to say im better than you?

Just a lonley fool.

But even a fool would know we can do better

We have to do better

we have a purpose.

though I have reason to think this poem is worthless


But I still wrote it..and I still mental note it.

And hope that maybe you could hop this boat and float it

Ride the waves to a new beat

Bring the fire with a new heat

And maybe we could be so much more than what we see.


Have a presence..and have an essence to present and to share

And say to the world..Hello..Im here.


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