Why So Many Rules?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 11:17 -- eavm13


First day of school
Take off your hat, are those tears in your pants?
Give steps in and I was suddenly in their trance

Pull up your pants she tells at the man besides me
Are you freaking kidding me just let us be

My school must be the lab rat for stupid rules
The teacher yelled at the girl no visible jewels

They test rules on us and see if they work
These rules are so idiotic the craters must be berserk
All work no play tree that's their motto
They choose random rules like balls in the lotto

No drinking no eating no sleeping in class
No talking no thinking no passing gas
No moving no answering no getting involved
No collaborating no problems being solved

Evolve just shut up and hear me preach
I am always right and your brains I will breach

No chewing no back talk no motions at all
Just write what I write and repeat after me
My teacher knows it all so we'll let her be

My school is full of rules for us to follow
But the my question is why so many rules?
They turn us into machines our thoughts are hollow
Just carrying their b.s. like a bunch of mules


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