Not Simply Another "Student"


I am not okay

And I don't have the energy

All of it's exhausting

It's not that I'm not trying, 

But that I can't seem to care.


Notes and tests and quizzes and books

It's all just way too much

Waking up is a challenge for me

I think I've had enough.


It's not my fault

I've really tried

But how much can a person take 

When they wish they'd already died?


Depression and anxiety 

They seem to take the best of me

What's left is not a student, 

But a damaged girl fighting for a harder cause.


It's not the grades I work for, 

It's the ability to keep going

It's not the classes I care about,

It's the need to do something.


I can't always try, though

And no one understands

So I just stay home sometimes

Because it's too hard to get out of bed.


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