Just A Kid

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 16:20 -- mwinsor


United States
42° 5' 14.6652" N, 71° 27' 56.0052" W

How is it these days
That kids are expected to act older,
be mature, grow up sooner rather than later?
How is it that kids are treated like kids,
yet told that they need to be responsible?
How can we be responsible when it's so hard,
so hard to break free from our cages?
We're expected to go to college,
make decent wages,
it's all about the money.
But where is this money?
How am I expected to make it,
when I can't afford to take classes?
Why should I pay for eligibility?
Yet I keep stressing, messing up my hair,
my mind's going crazy,
I need air to breathe.
My parents are saying, go to school!
Go to school!
Yet they won't pay a single cent.
I'm all on my own,
I need to "be responsible."
How can I pay to be responsible?
Why should I choose my path now,
when I'm not even twenty years of age?


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