Goodbye Summer

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:46 -- kajehe


United States
32° 57' 56.5236" N, 117° 6' 52.956" W

Started with the bright sunshine staring down at me
Waiting for the strong heat to pack on in, so sweet
Wind in my face, music blastin’ through the speakerphone
Every day chillin' it, never seem to be at home
All the troubles fading, never contemplating
School’s not the issue, not gonna miss you
I’m having fun with the careless breeze
Wishin’ this feeling won’t ever leave
But all the time surpasses, vibes from the masses
Feeling out of tune, summer’s ending soon
Back to sleeping early, no more sleeping in
Wondering ‘bout things, “wish it could’ve been“‘s
Have to wait another billion of days
To regain the feeling of summer’s haze
Until next time, this is where it ends
Say goodbye to hot heat
And hello to winter friends


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