School is AWESOME!

Summer time is now over,                                    

I’ve got to say goodbye to my dog Rover,   

I kick, I scream, I cry,  

My mom just asked me why,

Why do you have to be like this?,  

 Then she gives me a hug and a kiss. 

She says I have to go there to get smart,     

But I feel like I have to fart.

She pushes me out of the house, 

Like a teeny tiny mouse, 

 I feel a kick and a punch, 

When my mom yells “ Don’t forget your lunch”     



I am walking down a busy street, 

I ran into my teacher Mrs. Feet,  

She asked me if I am excited, 

and I wonder if I can hide it, 

I don’t want her to know that I don’t like school,

She probably thinks I am a fool,

Maybe I will like school tomorrow, 

When I’m over my lost summer sorrow.

I see the school from far away

I see the children laugh and play

I smell the popcorn with butter in the air,

Is there a circus anywhere?

I see a girl running by with cotton candy in her hand

and in the background I can hear a band  

Did I get lost, is this not school? 

Maybe it is not so bad, maybe it’s cool.   


Here comes my friend Marty,

He tells me the teachers are having a party.

We stand in line to get some punch, 

Standing in front of me is Captain Crunch. 

Suddenly he screams “Super Sundae Supreme”!  

And I think to myself, am I in a dream?,   

I look up, and I know why,  

A lunch lady was passing out Super Sundae Supreme pies,  

“Gulp,Gulp,Slush,slush”,  Oh dear,

Captain Crunch made the whole pie disappear!  

He shoved the whole thing in his face, 

He is such a big disgrace.   

The lunch lady said have no fear,  

I have another one right hear.   

The lunch lady was a super hero for me today.  

I can’t wait for another day! 

I think I was wrong after all, 

School is fun I had a ball.  

I got home I saw my dog Rover, 

He asked me when he rolled over, 

“Did you have a good time today?” 

I said yes I can’t wait for school tomorrow, 

Because school is AWESOME!  

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