Dear Teacher,

You think you're hot sh*t don't you
because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school.
You think you're hot sh*t don't you
because we will never be like you
just some dumb fool who barely made it to High School.
I want to be hot sh*t too
Instead of that girl who gave it up too soon because she thought she loved ol' dude
or I don't want to be that gay kid who's scared to come out
or the girl who cut herself when the lights go out
or the urban kid who actually loves school
because this is the home where she won't get abused.
I don't want to be the jock who's as dumb as a tree because no one would see the passion in me.
So teacher, your hot sh*t huh?
I never thought I could be so blunt.
It doesn't even matter how long these words last,
because whether we drop out or graduate we still wouldn't even be a memory of your past.
You don't have to act like you care we know it's your job.
You do it for your cash everything else is a façade.
Because you're hot Sh*t aint you
and we aint sh*t to you?
Even if it's true I could never say it to you.
Dear Teacher,


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