You saw the ache under her artifical simper  yet you sat and said nothing as her eyes plead for a cure to relive this agony form her casket everyday you watched her tear bare her skin in hopes of becoming free of her hollow soul and everyday you countie to just teach a class as a young girl endure hell  you stand superior to us all you stand to teach us life as you watch one fade away due to the fear that you might just stride over the gideline of whats apporoite now she lays six feet under with the closeing thought that not a single life cared to notice the tears that stain the blood writen lines of her story with every paper she left in your basket to grade not every geting the dream of knowing that someone saw someone worried about the ghastly hell that lived inside each and every word that will forever stain your mind knowing that you could of hulted the rusted blade that captured her life all because you didnt want to hear the tears the wrote the story of the horrid man that stole her zest for love  

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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