Walking the Halls


United States
28° 6' 9.6192" N, 81° 26' 59.5392" W

And this is the way I walk
The hallow faces of the student shells.
They were once human, just as I.
The taps of sneakers, heels, and flats
We are all locked in, by our own free will.
We are all in a state of anguish.
The hallow faces of the student shells.
The boy beside me,who strides with confidence
Only to hide his evident uncertainty
The perky sundress with hot pink heels
Strutting, to out run her insecurities
To get to class
To get the grade
To understand
Then what?
But I hush, don't utter such things
Walking these silent halls.
The hallow faces of the student shells.
Because, although we know not where we go,
We walk them anyway.


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