#YOWO: My right. My God.


At school the other day, I was asked not to pray.

It rocked me and shocked me. What could I say?

I am but a student that is meant to obey.

But did they have the right to ask me not to pray?


No they did not. It’s MY right to choose.

If we go against God we’re going to lose!

America has blinded itself from this truth

because it thinks that evolution is couth.


“One nation under God” I find that rather odd.

I say that every day in school, doesn’t that seem flawed?

Our country’s foundation is being outlawed.

I think its time we stop this childish façade.


We need to realize that He gave us this land,

and our ownership of it is dealt by His hand.

I am a creationist. On my Rock I stand.

It is my right. It is my demand.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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