The Other Side of Me


You know that girl who's always smiling in the hallways,
The girl who knows everyone and speaks to everyone,
The girl who isn't popular, but everyone knows her,
Because she has a free spirit?
Yes, that girl is me. Well, part of me.
If you want me to be honest, it's the fake me.
The me that everyone sees in front of the door

See if you want me to be completely honest,
I'm not like that at all.

Behind closed doors, I'm that other girl...

I'm the girl who sits in her room all night, alone,
The girl who's so miserably depressed she had no one to go to,
The girl who hurts herself to feel better about herself.
Yes, this is the real me.

I'm the girl who's there for everyone else,
But doesn't get anything in return.
The girl who makes people laugh when they're down,
Because she doesn't want people to feel the way she does
The girl who gives great relationship advice,
But never keep one because her anxiety overtakes it.

I'm the girl who knows what depression is,
What anxiety, self harm, self hatred is,
The girl who knows what rejection is,
The true meaning of "loneliness"

This is the me I'm ashamed of,
The me I never show for certain reasons,
The me who keeps it all bottled up inside,
This is the me who is scared of rejection.

I'm not proud of this side of me,
It's the side I have to accept,
The side I wish other people would accept.
This is the real me.
The broken half of me.


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