The Shining


Thornridge High School
1500 Cottage Grove
United States
41° 45' 18.2916" N, 87° 35' 17.7432" W

The candle flame burns too hot. The flickering of its wic dances in the over heated breeze. This breeze offers no respite from the smoldering need. Even the gossamer wings that flutter to and fro in the dark are no remedy for the relentless melancholy. They sprinkle dusty scales of pleasure in the small ambient circles of light. I'm struggling to resist its beckoning; I'm just too drawn. Moth to flame, it's agony not to relieve my curiosity. Alluring is the danger of the unknown; I'm found wanting. Flying too close to the sun; It's beauty beaming. I'm so dazzled by its glory, I'm melting, the heat is sweltering. Weary is me yet peaceful is my floating. I'm so warm, calming is the blaze of knowing, then nothing.... The blissful agony has ended and there's silence hauntingly lurking. Beautiful nothing, light so bright it's blinding, it's over. So goes the memory, banished is the feeling , the tingle of what used to be , nothing is left but the blindingly audacious. The shining......

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Nirvana Epiphany

I really tried to capture the feelings of lust and love. The imagination is a powerful thing and i put my imagination into this fully. The shining is based off of the powerful feelings you get the first time you feel you're in love and you're willing to try anything for your significant other due to curiosity. Then one day you realize that it all was just your hopeful romanticized notions. 

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