My School Year

Math is not easy

It makes me queasy

The kids in my class quickly fix that

Sitting in the middle of all these guys

It is hard not to disguise the laughter in my eyes

They crack jokes back and forth

The conversation never goes south of north


Outside the sun is shining away

I am so glad to be blessed with a day like today


The drumline makes me smile

It won't go away even if I walked a mile

It signals the essence of football

The reason for the school's pep and all 

Cheers are yelled up my way

I know some of the things they say

The smell of funnel cake fills the air 

I try my best not to go over there


Winter is here once more

School has temporarliy closed its doors

Sugar cookies are my new diet

I lay down in the nice quiet

Just like that we are beckoned back

School hits us with a nice wack


Season starts

We all have good hearts

Lacrosse is our passion

On lazy days, it is our fashion

I am engulfed in a blanket of love

My whole family is sitting above

They watch and cheer loud

I am super proud

The stands cheer my name

I pray that we will win the game


Final exams come

Everyone can hear the death march led by a drum

One by one we file in

We all sit with hands cupping our chins

Then one by one, the sighs come

I look at the first page and feel numb

What happened to all the knowledge in my brain

This has to be a wicked game

Suddenly, I gather my surroundings and calm down

I am starting to feel like less of a clown 

The circles are all bubbled

My confidence has doubled

I finished my test

Now, it is time for me to rest


School is great

There is no reason to hate

It is not a subject that I will debate







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