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Wrap me up in it.

Feed me it by spoon.

Or drown me in it.

Just, leave me to submerge.

I'll be fine.

Just...Let me be.

Let me live.


I'm under lock and key,

But let me be.

Endings know no time.

The darkness will always kindly stop for me.

And you.

So set me free.

Batter my things.

Suffocate me.

Let me live. 

I already have my wings.


Give me pain, give me sadness

Happiness, Joy!

Give me something!

Let me feel!

Let me know

The things I know

Are the things

that make me Real!

That I am here

And that I am alive!

Let me be

Let me go

Drown me in this world

This life surrounding me

And let me fly!


Sanken wounded,

yet unrottened

Rusted by my side

Are MY wings

And late at night

in my cage, years weather-worn

I sing.

A lulling song

Of sweeter

Freer things.

I sing.

And I pray.

For the strength.

The Strength in me.

The bars that hold me

Hold no power over me.

Let me be.

Let me Love.

And Let me Live.

I pray.

I have strength.

I am strong.

I have strength!

Strength here, in me!

Don't hold me.

Don't hold me back!

Don't hold me!

Let me go!

Let live!

Let me be!

For this time.

For this time!

For This Time!

For this time...

I will be free..

This time around.

I am

I am 

I am.

Setting me free.


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