School Gave Me The Best Thing I've Ever Had And Lost

In eighth grade, we had Science class together. You had sat in the row behind me until the seats were switched and we became partners.
Do you know what I would give to be partners with you again?

In ninth grade, we shared the same Dance class. We never danced together...
but then again, I never asked.

In tenth grade, we didn't have any classes together.
Even still, I would walk you to yours sometimes.
I didn't care that I was late to my own.
I'd be late to everything if it'd just mean that I'd get to spend time with you.

I walked you to your class one day and as we separated you said you would see me tomorrow.
I knew that you wouldn't.
You wouldn't see me tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that.
I didn't tell you that.
I couldn't.

How could I say goodbye to the one I love?


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