Four score and seven years ago

This blasted class began.

I have a dream that

One day the learning will end.

I dream of a different world,

One conceived in liberty--

Or at least freedom from homework!


To be or not to be

In school?

That is the question.

If education is a weapon,

Is the classroom my greatest training?

To wage war on the inequalities of this

Cruel and unforgiving world,

Musn’t I be prepared?

If I wish to change the world,

I must truly become the changes I long to see.


My classroom will teach me

What I need to know,

And then I will be made strong.

Strength is my greatest ally,

And I will use it to the full.

Life will surely give me lemons,

But really, lemonade is

Downright delicious.

I can make it through

Any trial If I am simply prepared.

Knowledge will get me to

My highest highs

And wisdom will pull me through

My lowest lows,

Just as long as I

N      Never,


V            Never,


R                   Never give up!

My failures simply pave the way

For my greatest triumphs!

I will rise on the wings of eagles

And look down on former oppressors

From glorious new heights.


Yes, the road

Will be tough,

But that will simply make

The reward all the greater.


Quotes/paraphrases from: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., The Declaration of Independence, William Shakespeare, Mahatma Ghandi, Anonymous Cliche, Winston Churchill, Isaiah 40:31



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