Ode to Bailey George

Bailey George,

O how I miss you:

Your shiny black coat with the crest of white on the center of your chest,

Your tiny ears that never seemed to fit your 95 lb frame,

Your kisses and attention.

It’s been a year since I last held you,

I remember the day I said goodbye.

You didn’t know what would happen,

It was out of your control.

You were doing as your biological instincts had told you to

That night that you defended us from the UPS man.

Bailey, he wasn’t going to harm us;

He had come to deliver your treats.

I miss you every day.

When Luna came through my door a month later, at first glance I thought it was you and not her.

She has the same color coat as you.

I still cry thinking about you;

In fact, I cry as I write this ode.

You are finally catching the squirrels, birds, and bunnies you chased but never caught.

You have all the space in the world to run.

If you were here, you would see that I am about to begin a new chapter of my life;

Bailey, I’m going to prep school.

You’d see that Catherine is starting a new chapter too;

She’s going to my rival prep school.

You’d see that Isabel is going to start playing hockey again.

You’d see that Louise is a genius on the piano.

You’d see that Mom is still hard at work.

You’d see that Dad is still in the kitchen making breakfast in the morning.

You’d see that Java is still running around the house in his ball.

But you would also see that you have a new brother;

His name is Écho.

He loves playing with a soccer ball,

Just like you.

He loves belly rubs,

Just like you.

He loves naps,

Just like you.

He sleeps in your spots now,

By the door, in the front hall, in the kitchen, in front of the fireplace.

I know you are watching over him.

There will never be one that I will love more than you,

My dear Bailey George. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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