The Day of Misery and Excitement

I am putting my summer clothes away

And replacing them with my nice new school clothes.

I put away my sunscreen

And take out my school supplies.

Tommorow is the day that I begin school.

I am not happy that I have to wake up early,

I am not happy that I have to pack my back pack.

I am not happy that I have to go to the school where I am always bored.

But it is my senior year.

I am ready to graduate.

I have my senior project almost complete.

I am confident that I will cross the stage

And attend the college of my dreams.


I imagine walking into the building

And taking a deep breath of that familiar school smell.

I look around and spot my friends.

I go over and we are all thinking the same but not speaking it.

We don't want to be here again

But this is our year to shine

This is our year to be the role models for underclassmen.

This is our year to begin applying to colleges.

This is our year to graduate.


I am packing my back pack for school.

Tomorrow is the day that I begin a new chapter of my life.

I am thinking about what kind of year I will have...

Will it be easy?

Will it be fast?

Will I walk the stage at the end of the year?

Will I make new friends?

Will I like my classes?

Only time will be able to answer those questions.


As I walk through those heavy metal doors on this warm fall morning

I begin to see what kind of year will follow

A new year.

A good year.

My Year. 


Goodbye Summer.

Hello school.

This is my year to shine

And nobody can stop me.



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