Going to School


She's going to school but she doesn't want to

Apologies won't change her mind

Kind words are too late this time

Now it's too late to go back and change

Stuck in school, trapped in a box

A prisoner behind closed doors

Meaningless drills couldn't keep her occupied

All the wrong moves

She only wanted something to do

She couldn't keep every promise that she gave

Another detention for not paying attention

Solitary confinement should suffice

Now her childhood sits proudly on a shelf

With no sequel to sit beside it

He's going to school but he doesn't want to 

Apologies won't change his mind

Kind words are too late this time

Trying to fit in is too much of a chore

Spending time behind the bedroom door

What was supposed to be safety wouldn't last long

Contemplating more than what he could've done wrong

Drowning in a pool of their insults

He told himself that it wasn't that bad

A lie that would no longer keep him inside

Something witnesses were too afraid to report

Were they too afraid of asking what's wrong?

Did they not want to get too involved?

Don't hide behind your desk

You're the one who disciplines

Stop giving pity

And catch them before they fall

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wow, that's really powerful. keep writing. 

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