Shackled by the school desk


These walls plastered with motivational speeches and properly worded English

Are virtually meaningless, because the teacher in front speaking

Cares more about that check than checking the voice of the speechless

The student sits in the back with a noticeable lack in sleep - this

Child is diagnosed, doctors proposing ADD

He went from daydreamer to zombie now complacent with basic reasoning

Meanwhile school is designed to push random knowledge through cookie cutters

But if you're not compatible with the shape: You're defective and FAIL

They selectively veil the truth, that classroom's regrettably Hell

Where they tell you that this test will help you to excel

But what that entails is this societal stigma placed on the "failures"

Because rather than giving knowledge those teachers teach MEMORIZATION

Of varied information that you only learn to regurgitate it

In that proctored exam that you'll forget as soon as the next day

And then the school board confuses us, yelling "Pursue a higher education!"

But never warned of the slew of debts we'd accrue just to "make it"

"You're teaching us backwards; the point in all this is vague

Instead of freeing our minds, you've cornered us in this cage"

Is what always crosses my mind but this cycle I intend to break

So, for now, we'll chalk this up to Sh*t I'll Never Say

Until my voice can be heard much clearer

Only when I out these coconspirators can I look myself in the mirror




Wow! I remember my school days. Phony smiles and encouragement from the teachers, the top students who get all the attention and love to make fools out of you. You do your best, then you flunk, cause they don't know how to teach. Actually, as an adult, I did go to college and majored in Sociology and Education. Now, as a substitute, I try to sneak in there and tweak the system in order to help the poor kids. I see all the problems, but education is going through some kind of military/anti-creative phase that, believe me will pass. Do the best you can and get that slip of paper. because the future world is going to be much better than the crises we're experiencing now. I promise you.


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