The remarkable brain

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 12:04 -- GillH

The brain is a marvelous thing

full of numerous files

from long ago, and yesterday

loads of info it compiles


The center of it all,

it gives me instructions

brilliant mastermind,

it has many functions


Deciphers words,

puts thoughts in my mind

knows colors and shapes,

and is so cleverly designed


It's not too large

doesn't weight all that much,

it sits deep in the skull

protected from touch


Billions of nuerons 

and endless connnections,

it sends out messages

in countless directions


The wonderful cerebrum

helps me remember

solve problems and think,

a very necessary member


The amazing cerebellum

so full of talent,

helps with coordination and speech,

and assists me with balance


The stunning brain stem

controls breathing and digestion,

connecting brain to spinal cord,

a very strong and study connection


Take care of your brain

keep it healthy and smart,

don't fill it with stuff

that will tear it apart


Avoid things that damage

and things that destroy,

it was placed there specifically,

for you to enjoy


The brain is an instrument

so incredibly unique,

each part is so well crafted

full of wonder, and mystique


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