Change From Within

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 09:48 -- jhern47


In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictated
On who you know and how you dress
This everyday world is turning into a mess
It seems like everyones priority is to stay away from sobriety
People are so unfocused they dont see they're damaging society
This may sound strange but these are some of the things I would change.
No one should be judged by the clothes on there back,
but how they represent themselves and how they act
No high schooler, should be "cooler" because he's out getting high.
When in actuality, they're just letting there brain cells die.
Not living to there potential, they dont even try.
Obsessed with there image
When they dont see the privilege
Of a free education, its causing some frustration
Seeing what Americans are blessed with isn't just a donation
Talk about drugs, money, and clothes is sweeping the nation
You can thank the media
Blaming it on rappers is like using a source from wikipedia
It's starting to bother my mental,
Becuase some kids are keeping there brains confidential
Not living to there true potential
To live a better life change from within is essential.


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