Fast Forward

Only yesterday feeling eight or three,

But here I am, turning seventeen.

So many changes have happened in the past year,

From learning to drive to getting my first car,

To finding my first job.

Fast forward to summer, getting rear ended in my first car,

While on my way home from my first job.

I got my best grades junior year,

Starting senior year soon,

Fast forward to now, taking biology after loving anatomy last year,

Applying to my favorite university.

I miss last summer.

It was my last real summer of being a kid,

But it felt like the first real summer I ever had.

I made bonds with some amazing friends,

Going to the beach late at night.

Being on a beach house for over a week.

New experiences the whole summer,

Fast forward to now, hoping the experiences never end.

Rewinding and fast forward may not make sense,

But neither did this past year.

Rewind having the times of my life,

Fast forwarding to my next.

The past 365 pages in my life are a closed chapter,

As I fast forward onto my next.


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