Everyday I walk down these halls terrified
I can feel the stares and read their lips
Calling me anything they can think of
Just to hurt me
My mind fools me
Making me think I'm strong enough to take it
But my heart is weak yet I try to fake it
I approach my locker
And I feel the pain
As cold, hard hands grasp my head
The metal contacts with my skin
And blood trickles down
Everyday I think why do they hate me?
Is it because I dated the wrong guy
At the wrong time?
Am I to blame for my parents
Not caring?
Or do you mean to call me
A slut, ugly, stupid, a whore?
Everyday I wonder if I really belong
Who would care if I was gone
I hide my scars, my pain, my face
My head low when I leave
I race home and find just what I need
I take the gun and shoot
For the first I feel free
And happy
As I walk away from my lifeless body
I have no more worries, or regrets
No more pain to deal with


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