Happy, Happy, Happy


There's so much to life that you just gotta be happy,

Now I'm not just here trying to be all sappy

But life is too short to be down

So make your day by day goal to never never frown

And never say never, ever

Unless you mean it enough to say it twice forever


You've gotta find something that gives you joy

Whether it be a book, a girl, a toy or a boy.

Find something that makes your socks

feel like they're about to walk around and rock!


Happiness is paid for in smiles

and smiles are something for which I'd run miles.

Fill your life with positive energies

and you'll be live for centuries!


Compliments are complimentary

this notion is elementary.

Live for you

and don't be blue.

Love yourself and your companions

Follow this and you'll be champions!


If you havent yet caught on my advice is simple

Smile wide and show off those dimples!





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