Such despair I feel throughout the week,

forced to go to school, so burdensome, banal, bleak.

But alas! The week is over! Oh what a special day!

Time to rejoice! Time to revel! But for what, you say?


Well I’m as hungry as a hostage and my stomach’s an empty pit.

It rumbles,

and grumbles.

Throwing quite a fit.

But remember, my friend, the week is through!

Friday is pizza day day! I’ll order one, or maybe two?


Green pepper, green onions, green jalapenos as well,

I’ll take pineapples and pickles, I hope my tummy doesn’t swell!

Extra cheese, extra chicken, oh, toppings galore!

Add some breadsticks, some brownies, more, more, more!


Now I’ve devoured my pizza, bite by bite,

not a crumb to been seen, nothing  left in sight.

It brings me great sorrow to know my pizza is gone.

Time to put on Batman and wait until it’s time to order another one!


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