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Don't fight me cause I'm noone.I'm the face u see when u look n the mirror.I'm the light that shines to the darkness but yet im noone.I'm something to someone but noone to myself.I'm
she barely drank the poison, barely tasted it at all. she walked home a little dizzy, suprised she didnt fall. she snuck through her window, afraid to just walk in the door.
I don't know why I like the things I do,I especially don't know why you disapprove. The moment I smile and claim my happiness,
And then I did Chemo!
I am one person In this world  Nobody to play with  Nobody to talk to  Nobody to look at  How Can I Smile? If there's no one  In this world to be with  I am all alone 
At night I stare at the ceiling in wonder Thinking about what could have been, of what will be Countless fears drag me under, The thought of resting lost to me   In untamed world of nature shown
The hallways and lockers all look the same But it seems each different person all seem so vain  Each day and class was the same ole norm The teacher with the short brown hair was such a bore
Speaking over the drone of decorative fountain water,
I want to show you who I am
I want to tell you a story about a girl. This girl was beautiful. She was skinny. She was everything you would want to be. But she wasn't happy. A frown was permanently etched on her face it seemed. This beautiful skinny girl once was happy.
mommy, you're broken. i hear you at night your bottles are clinking  it fills me with fright.   mommy, were broken, this family i think the yelling seems constant we continue to sink
The wind will blow away my sin Copper devils wait in the tall grass I walk on doves feet across the clouds Fallow my feelings little fish Sing about rain I sometimes wish I was a monster
I feel it every day Breathing on my neck I felt it yesterday When I felt like a wreck   It's all around me Inside and Out Is anyone there to see Or here me shout  
I am aspiring to be...
I don't write for them The world is not my audience These lines are not gems Poetry is not a science
I've looked at the tips of Icebergs Of various dimensions and shapes  For only so long my wonder can remain concealed What lies beneath this monstrous piece of ice?      
I can't believe this is it. I can't believe it is here. I can't believe this is my senior year. I have lived with these imbeciles for years. I can't believe I'll finally be free: Be free to finally be me!
How long How Much how far So Strong Same Words Different Song
As a girl, im supposed to play with barbies, not with hot wheels or a toy truck. as a girl, im supposed to have dolls, and pick flowers, for "he loves me" luck. As a chick, im supposed to wear dresses, skirts, and make up too.
You feel like your alone in a cruel place, wanting to leave you'll do whatever it takes, but at the end of the day, you know it's inevitable, that your basically alone in this world; invisib
t's 6:00a.m on the morning, For a day that's prolonged, aggravating and boring, You're tired, and exhausted, These are the years of our lives that are the most awkward and stressful,
I haven't ever told anyone this But I'm scared to look, In the mirror anymore. I'm scared to raise my eyes to see the reflective world, Because the one I see, Just isn't me, her eyes are black-colorless
I lift my head 
I have no color,  No shade of gray.
When I was a kid I thought all poems were about roses
There is nothing above me but white and blue
They took an oath of protections and we gave them are trust. Yet in the end it's those we trust our protectors. That are our demise.
Screaming bloody murder, but no one can hear the cries Cannot hold on forever, can hardly put up a fight Locked inside a cold room, lying on the hard floor Beaten in the gloom, here be he prisoners of war
Though I study hard and long People have questioned me all along   Adminstration always asking  And Parents always nagging   Let me choose the path I want  Let me choose the path I want 
​Sleep my child and awaken a king... Sleep my child
  Death is easy, Life is hard, Death is calm, Life is rough.
May 15th Nothing can change my love for you. Everything just happened so fast. I wonder, what if I knew, before you became our past just who you were?
Once again I am afraid to face this day The day you left without returning
This beautiful world,
A man on the streets Holds a sign saying, “Freedom!” But what does he want This man with a sign
I am independent, strong, and ambitious I’ve got goals, aspirations, that are oh so vicious Because I don’t hold myself down, I keep myself up 
What could be is what can't be. Acting is a dream that i crave To be able to give the gift of laughter To be able to bring happiness or sorrow To be an escape for those who dislike their reality
I feel like I have these moments where I think it’s okay if I die. 
I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Maybe you just haven't found the right man yet."   I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Who treated you wrong?"  
Your mother is always listening.
Cold, heartless, maybe thoughtless?  Maybe she's just smart, and she never flaunts this.  The quiet type, not one to be involved,  with the stupid things that matter, not at all. 
Don't be a brat! BAM BAM Stop being stupid! BAM BAM You need to learn! BAM BAM Don't fucking talk to me!
What would I give for a moment of peace, a moment to feel, a moment to breath, a moment to not hear the voices in my head yell constantly your NOT good enough. Your not worthy of love, only pain.
Growing up in a rural town, a child is planted in a foundation based on a few societal beliefs That God is the only un-defyable truth in life and societal obedience defines your worth
Hearing the screaming and shouting in my house, I don't know what to do but grip my blouse.   I used to think "This is where it all ends", But I looked past that and started to ascend.  
I guess I never really thoug
A: School is for fool! Let's go to the pool! Kick the stool, And grab the tools! We can make our rules, And make the girls drools. Do you want to be cool?
Sitting under the Christmas tree, Watching reindeer grazing in shade, Red fruit and green leaves glowing from far, Waiting for Santa clause,  Come and fetch give to kids,
Institutionalized hatred
It's said that time will heal all wounds, but there will always be scars. I never thought that hearing the worst news, over and over, would ever be so hard.
The best things in life are given, wisdom, love and peace. The goal is bending without breaking, The answer is to refuse defeat.
Death is inevitable. Alone in the universe with nothing. The end is vague. Not defined, or labeled, individual. Beliefs, religion, gods, Designed to soothe. From the Earth, and back.
All alone, trapped inside a hole that only I fit inside Gasping as the blade touches flesh, the blood suffocating me Rising higher and higher not to lower like a tide,  Thats when one knows they're dying 
My heart aches My soul screams When I decide to take Away all my hopes and dreams I jump at the sounds Though all I hear are songs I keep hearing the pounds As I try to prolong
I am more than the puppet in the photo. I am more than the papers I write. I am more than the family I've been given. I am more than the sheep, being suffocated by the flock.
Searching here and there, striving to find bliss... Went to friends and colleagues,  they said get rich; enjoy luxury,  pleasure is the mean of bliss... Not really!!
Inspired by Maxwell   Separated…it’s only temporary I keep asking questions but no one will answer me “Sir, wait outside, wait outside”
I feel it in the pit of my stomach. I know the feeling quite well. It’s really good at festering And yields bitterness             Disinterest             Disdain             A little bit of hate
 Folded and sealed In another envelope I haven’t mailed Dealing with this sore wrist from my heavy writing Another headache from all this heavy thinking and questioning
Behind the mask I have been stripped Stripped away from all that was mine I am just a plain face Left out in the cold to wither away My eyes fill with tears I am a souless soul
love is a soft, and strong  feeling,  We can feel it so right or so wrong. It makes us smile, and make us frown.   Love can last for ever or for a day, It makes us wanna run or wanna stay,
Its a job to do the bible said to meyou either work now are you will never be free Working to get to heaven is a job for eternityIt's a job to do the bible said to me
Mom tri
A child grown up in a world of woes,  At times it filters from her head to her toes, But this girl--is not on her own- Swept from emotion to emotion along the coast she travel, In a world of misunderstanding and suspicion she walks, But she tries
Because you must know, I love my work I love my work until I start to read it I start to read and I only frown I only frown for I fear it’s no good Fear it’s no good to other people
What if on a night we have a dream Not the ones of make believe We capture nothing on this night Our darkness submerged in our night What if we could not make a sound We find it true we met the ground 
I am fawless
You act so tough, You act so brave. But really, you are the empty beer bottles that you used to hide.   you couldn't face the world with who you really were. you had this foundation
We all live within the pursuit of hhappiness/ Waiting a fine line between poverty & calamity/ Looking through a blind success, pick your poison as we fall through Amity/
When you're a child
It's time to drown my sorrows In the deep To let it all go
PEACE I will die in peace  Before I die in vain I will read the instructions  Before playing the game I broke up with complacent then engaged with change
What am I? A various jumble of bones in a bag To be hastily treated with care? Or a dot on a map under one country’s flag
I want you. I want you so bad to be like her. To remind me of the times when I had a smile and everything was fine.
I felt society's idea of "normal" slipping through my fingers Like a handful of sand. 
I used to see myself in the mirror To see an honest smiling face looking back at me
A single seashell on the beach Waves overwhelm its speech A single tile to the mosaic of the shore Listening to the ocean roar   The waves beat against the coast
People are buzzing, Here I sit, alone. No one talks to me
I can't sleep, too much frustration on my mind, Can't seem to sympathize with the decision made, Wilson not charged, no justice served, he's free, Mike is dead,
Are you telling yourself that you need to change? Why, are people causing you pain? Saying you want to be part of the"in-crowd," Don't, instead just scream out loud, be proud. Do people tease about your looks?
Human kind, which I am a part of, is an organism able to create and solve its own crisis,
O’ childhood, you are gone like a feather that blew away in the wind. The years ran by and took away my endless carefree days of playing around. “Why did you sprint so fast and where did you go without me?”
When I was a child
O Earth, will you not rest? Shifting your plates violently As if trying to wipe away the junk You fell city's, as a logger fells trees You bring even the mighteist skyscraper to its knees
Here I am day after day wondering  if he will come. I eagerly sit a the kitchen window waiting for this special person only to get stood up every time.  I call and call but no answer.
The things I hide From curious eyes. Oh, how they wish to see; But I can not show you the real me.   I’m scarred, And broken, And long outspoken, Bruised, and hurt.  
Help! I’m trapped.   I’m being held inside myself, I get asked… Are you a boy? Are you a girl? What are you? Why do you dress like that? What is wrong with you?  
Can't Knives Glass Needle  
Why am I different? Why am I shunned? Words you have said with no intent of apology I am stunned. Like a bee your words stung. I was a princess, now I feel homeless. No disrespect intended.
Silverstein wrote a poem                                                                                                                           I like to think just for me,
If I died tomorrow Would you miss me? If I died tomorrow would you think twice about the good times? Or would all the negative and bad times be in your minds
The Words of a Lonely One    The words you so often hear "Be strong, be confident" They don't mean anything to the lonely ones  
Death, the end to all beginnings and the beginning of some unknown extent. Death, the answer to all problems that arise out of life as they never seem to end.
The yearn for love The learn for someone to have hope in you The yearn to receive love back The yearn to mean the world to someone The yearn to become someone The yearn to have a stable home
Flowers burst with burning desire Blossoms bloom with every sin
The angel of death is so very wise, because the angel of death has taken so many lives. So many husbands,  so many wives. To death do us part but the love stays alive. 
To many emotions to count lost to mangled words and a twisted mouth. Butchered by hate, murdered by fear. Kept hidden by masks worn every day to keep the rest of the world away.  
Behind her grey eyes madness laid
You determine your success your life is up to you. Hard work, dedication, determination. Till its the only thing you know.  The struggle is real struggle is the only thing you feel.
In the end What will happen when the world ends? We ponder on the past What about the future? We judge by what is apparent What does that say about us?
Peace is a nonviolent war
    Stifling sounds of a chair colliding with the adjacent wall send vibrations throughout my room.
my room is crowded with feelings, and all i feel is alone. my family and friends, they just pretend that this house was ever a home my mother, she really does love me. she's the one who tends to my wounds.
Loud obnoxious talkative laughter Eyes wondering in a motion of chaotic fashion With no awareness of the stage's scamper
The moment of silence lasted till noon We all agreed that he was taken too soon Some call it a tragedy But our lives are not Shakespeare And Death is no Bard So what sense can you give me?
The condensation of expelled expressed emotion swirling my window pane. Making the portal to another dimension shift ajar, to one which is much more comfortable.
Congratulations. Success is in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, my palms are sweaty and my heart beats at a rate you wouldn't understand. Everything seems bland, since I don't give my colors a chance.
Transgender A word that brings Fear.   That brings dysphoria, confusion, invasive questions Fear of entering another's home and being attacked By their transphobic parents  
Freedom is a word that makes you think of the past, where freedom was trying to be a word, that everybody needed, that everybody wanted, but did we get it? NO!
Ink Black veins pulsing through ivory sheith Giving life to souls imagined Beating rythm into hills and rivers Ink The lifegiver for imagination The breath of creativity   To refine
Sit up straight,  read your books and do your homework. Jimmy, don't talk that way, dont walk that way, dont sit that way.
I am  the girl with all of the coolest clothes, and the most friends in school, the girl who everybody looks up to, and the NHS scholar, 
Calm, chill, charming, That is what people see. I present a facade of confidence. Little do they know, My insides are burning. Most do not know of the fear, The fear of the future.  
In my Calculus class, a girl sat at the desk in front of me. She wore a beautiful necklace; I had never seen one so clear. A thin white wisp, spiraling so delicately, lay in center of the crystal heart.
I was walking that day and I saw that little girl. Beautiful. Happy. Smiling, totally perfection but how could I know? How could I notice? She was dying? And all I could say was why?
From the moment I walk into the door, Up runs a familiar face. Huge chocolate eyes open wide and a mouth open even wider, A small rosy tounge drips with excitement.   The only sounds to be heard are
A picture is worth a thousand words A thousand words that were never heard Screaming out for someone to save you You try so hard, but still no one hears you.   I've lost it, the cause is waiting for tomorrow
Fear is what I consume,
The world is surrounded with thing of a dream. The stars are all shining; look at them gleam! Though things might get harder, we can still sing. Let us live for our new day so we can live in Beauty!  
I can see that you are broken Liek a vase that's fallen off the shelf and was stuck back together with the biggest pieces There are small cracks in you waiting to be filled with what you once were
Friends They are the unity that brings together as one Boy or girl, they are there for us when we need them the most Each unique in their own way
    The day I left behind childhood I just simply stopped and  understood That my playtime was done And all the things I found fun
Heart pounding, face flushed a crushing headache bum-rushed Breath ragged, star-crush the holy theme of hush hush
Work is work I do my best with a smirk. I work to be a culinary clerk Someone who isn't a jerk. A baker by day An artist I would say. I'm a dreamer forever and always.
Your so angry I wish I knew why, Your so angry, you actually wanna die, And if God gave you wings baby, I know you would fly, You talk alot but its not really ever how you feel, I wish one day you'd speak up and just tell me how you feel, How can
I just want to make a name for myself, a passion to support myself. This shy soul has words never spoken before, In my mirror these words are constantly repeated, "You're so much more."
Silence is golden. But talk is cheap. Does that mean the quiet are rich? And the social ones weak? Then why is it that society Places the price on the head Of the one with a smile And an empty head?
I feel the chill across my face
Sir no sir.                                                                                   Please leave me alone sir. Let me sleep sir.. This isn't rite please don't touch me.... I'm only 11; you're 50..
Behind the curtains i see its only me But when i open up i normally don't shut Trusting that one person to be your curtain There are many rips and tears in my curtins From the many years of children pulling on them
You told me You told me the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. But now I realize that not everybody has the same taste. So your eyes partake of my identity and you spit me out of your mouth and exclaim
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
Baby, you make me smile. You make me want to run a mile. Maybe even let my responisibilities pile. Baby, I wanna stick around for awhile. Just for you, I will exile all those who try to be hostile.
Who do I write for? My friends? No. My family? No. My classmates? No. I write for myself, and maybe one day Ears across the globe will perk up when I pick up my pen.
I Am From Showing compassion, Caring for everyone Even if you were my worst enemy, I'd try my hardest to please you.   I am From Being positive,
Depressed,tired of being called out,wanting to quit Try balancing a 3.5 GPS while you play sports and trying to "fit in" Sometimes I want to give up. But my parents taught me better.
He was there just yesterday smiling at me His black emo hair round his face he wore eyeliner, guyliner he called it he always had a smirky little grin but i liked that about him
the way you move your  body is so fly  and you know what I like u and you like me you know you want   me so come and get me I know you  because you say I,m fly , yousay you want to kiss me
Bump bump bump  Bump bump bump  Do you hear that? Ah amazing  Beautiful, gracious, pure, dark light  It is so beautiful 
Still children Babies really Trying to play at being adults Anxious for the future Sorry that the present leaves so fast Here we are Still children
These brightly colors,
Someone may ask What uplifts you You may say something obvious Summer, friends, food, family, your significant other But rarely will a person ever answer, life
Don't you miss the days when the grass was green,
Its not my fault mom didn't love you
These words cant even express my love for you they can only entertain ones mind We had many things in common but was not common was our time.  when i heard that you were gone  i couldnt help but to cry.
Living While Winning Life with barriers your losing,  Life with insecurities your losing.
I smile when I want to cry I laugh when I wanna scream You wanna know why  Because when I cry or when I scream It's pushed aside like a child's plea
What's special about me?
THE REAL HER UNEDITED!!   Once a pon a time  From as far back as i could remember there was a girl  
I was givin a certain way to dress, look, hell even feel before I was born so when I was told " Your not doing it right" it sounded to me kinda foreign how was I was suppose to know, I thought this was me
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame, in another moment you completely disowned it. A rebel driven by a devil. Words of wisdom questioned, a world full of deception.
You're dancing fingers along fret boards, stopping on notes to stop my heart. Writing me love songs from the ashes of past sadness as if its your job to learn the melody of my soul. Is it?
As I walk along the shore of happiness As I think about the people I've broken I wear the mask on my face as a cruel person Inside that mask is happiness and free-spirit person
Waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to breathe. It sucks Not knowing where to go is confusing You're debating whether or not it to end it Baby, keep ya head up.
  They watch over me Every step, every sound, every move Then they ignore me Not a word, not a glance, not a worry I want to be free I want to go out on my own
My life, my ways, the hurt and pain i feel but how my happyness is great then anything
all i can hear is the ticking of the clock, though i'm halfway certain there is nothing but silence. i would much rather be in a trance than here with such a horrid creature. you ignite my every being only to
Be original Be you Love thy self And be true Yourself is real Yourself is cool Yourself is beautiful F*ck all the haters Who try to destroy you You're original And thats good
I know this girl named Ana, And it's scary what she does.
Those thoughts in your head, Came from people who dont understand They came at you with comments, That had you sad for a moments Then you thought and questioned "Am i really this much of a disappointment?"
I used to sit alone in bed and cry. As tears streamed down my face I wondered when I'd find my place.  I'd think to myself "why do I even try?". Days and nights passed and it was all the same. 
I'm here to reach a dream God, I'm here to come clean I made mistakes and did the time But I'm not fake, and this life is mine I'm gonna shoot for the moon  Momma, I'll be back soon
I hide behind my smileso fresh and clean
Beauty Seeks its passion in every way,shape,and form. like a soft wind that blow,like every flower that blooms,like every inch of grass that grow, beauty seeks a rose. Like a kiss on the cheek,beauty seeks a rose.
My shyness stays behind this curtain in the shade of purple. I pull back the curtains to see the crowd but my hands put them back. I'm afraid to show my real self. I want to show the real me, but half my mind won't allow it.
Ice like fire Salt to make heat Pain to keep me grounded Pain to help me see Pain that forces Tightened lungs to breathe When it heals Rinse, Repeat Don't needa razor
I stare into the mirror and look back at myself
Today I saw a homeless man, so I decided to buy him lunch. He said with tears in his eyes that he had not eaten in days and said thank you so much.
In a sea of people, In a crowd of friends, Too busy to notice Where am I? I am alone. Alone, In a sea of people, In a crowd of friends.
Take a chance every once in awhile,
Twisted and tangelled I think I fell out of the skiy. Red flesh kept mangeled, is not how humans feel alive. To live and feel life where the sorrow and anger has been. Was written like a map in my layers of skin.
from The pitch of the notes to the way the words form a quote. Music is deep,a story to be told different for everybody, young or old. The way the music flows from notes high to low
If happiness is success in life, then what is dying? Everyone's hyped up on the thrill of life; few are ready to go. And when they do, who's prepared? Even the one's who've expected it
  Pushed out into this lonely and cold world I hide the true me
I can sit here and dread over all the negatives                                                                          Of what I'm not. But it won't really change who I am. 
Beyond the face there is a brain. It may not always be right, It may not always be sane.   Beyond the eyes there is a vision. What I wish I could see, All the things that are missing.  
He's blinding almost, he's screaming out, "Let me go!" "Take me back!" "Let me go!" and..."Take me back." again Blue is where she found misfortune. She's tempted,
Sick heart, dripping with gasoline, fueled by the cigarettes thrown like darts the whip’s bullseye that tore her apart, innocent and caged, helpless to cleanse itself, gives in to the rage,
Remember the times
Under my sleeves there are scars you see they were created so deep that they will never leave  constantly reminding me of how much I caused my family to grieve    under this smile you'll soon come to know
The way they smile With their mouth and not their eyes gives them a feeling  of being tortured in side hiding under smiles of lies causing them to question their reason to continue to live their life
Everyone is different, thats why we are all here.. We make up this wild world we all hate and love. But our likes and dislikes are what's craziness. Some of us like writing and some of us like drawing.
Just because you're alive, Doesn't mean you are living. Not even if you shout, Or your feet keep moving. Living is more, Then just a daily chore. Embrace it, Love it, Stop making it a bore.
"Of course I'm fine." 'Please help me.' "Don't worry I'm already over it." 'It hurts too much to talk about, don't you see?' "I'm gonna be busy." 'I want to be alone.' "Sounds like fun."
The night sky brings old affairsto trample my mindinto a heap of despair The scent of your skinIt warms my mind, hauntinglike a shark surrounding
You see the pain in her eyes, behind her smile the fear she has. In the corner crunched up pouring out a river.
Come on down to Red Heads Resort Drink the incredible wine. Hear the rumblings of music All at Red Head’s Resort There you can find Many people from the world Full of culture and stories
I sit here quietly And my eyes go dead again And I am in this house too much And hold on a minute because I'm drowning And nevermind I'm fine I just needed A snatch of music A lyric to embroider 
As going into the tunnels of oblivion it's either kill or be killed It seem as if the snow starts to fall just as the sky does we run for the safety of our pack their have been 
"Senioritis" , please stay away from me. I have so many p,ans ahead of me. I joined this and that, but if you infect me, I'm gonna end up lazy, as a cat.   I joined the Senior Call Officers, 
How did I end up all alone? On this island smiling Yet we were all on the same ship Did I get off too quick? Am I just too advanced? I just decided to put my life in his hands  
Death destories peoples dreams          yet brings one to a world where no one can go.    Death touches where people cannot touch                     for it strikes a heart many cannot touch.
EMBRACE LIFE Everything Happens for a reason You can go through bad things or Good things If you go through bad things Just Embrace it If you go through Good things
Though your pain, can last a while Sometimes, you just fake a smile. Doing things you shouldn’t, And you originally wouldn’t.
there nothing to fear except fear itself except fear fills our every thought. what on our mind, cloud our hearts, our judgment and reasoning seems to part. theres no clear path to think straight
We fought I left you didn't run after me. I ran to fast, finding a path for me. I threw the bottle and watched it shater. I saw that one piece that shined and went after. They don't know how I stay sane.
The rain that never falls, is the rain thats never cold to touch. the rain that you hear roar is the mightiest of them all. the rain that is never calm is the rain that is one of its own.
Burned Bridges
The trail of  your fingertips have been embedded onto my skin.The scent o
The curtain seems nice and beautiful Filled with graceful colors But there are a few things that seem unusual Like a biscuit without butter   People come to ask her questions And ask for some advice
War, Hatered or Fear
When your young you are given expectations Goals set by your perants 
Especially in the day light, Your brown eyes shine so bright,
its in my lonely  that I realize how I am frail and boney how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony it is in my lonely that I confront my phony masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped
Singers Sing Drumers Hit Bassists Bass Guitarists Strum We SHOUT We Cry We Sing We Dance To The Beat Of The Drum They Hug We Tell Our Stories They Listen
To question my sexuality To question everything that I once knew That I was remotely sure about  That's hard  For Her though  thats has to be the easiest choice I could make
To question my sexuality To question everything that I once knew That I was remotely sure about  That's hard  For Her though  thats has to be the easiest choice I could make
Everyone has a suicide.
I just have to say,That even though i stray,You are the right way,
I dream of a place One distant, yet close I dream of a face With blue eyes and a sweet nose. I dream of friends, Friends I met long ago. I dream this chapter ends And I find a new home.
This isn't to offend.
Ask for the truth, I'll give you a lie You'll never know that I want to cry. The words you said, they hurt like hell. You victimize yourself, but know that you're well. You've cut me deeply, much deeper than deep
We are taught to hide Behind fake eyes Fake noses Fake lives   We are taught to cower At freedom’s glance Choices hands Flappers skirts   We are taught to obey
Heart beats extra two beats  every time I see her face, She a goddess, Not just being moddest, Mouth drops fifteen inches even when I'm fifteen inches away
There are days when I look up at the moon and think of you.
  How do you live with yourself? How can you sit there and pretend nothing happened? Don’t you realize? Can’t you see what my life has become because of you? Because I let you in,
  R.I.P my dearest cousin Michael McEachern There are so many things that you never get to say, But when you can’t find the right words, It keeps you up at night,
Oh, If they only knew....   It's never who they think it is Those who would suspect  that you long for someone  
​I had a dream that one day we really could be what it is we really do see in ourselves, in the mirror starin back at me instead of what people wanted to see
I stand at the edge of my cliff Soft grass carressing my skin As I stare at the crashing waves against the harsh cliff Sun dazzling of the crest of hundreds of waves A beautiful last scene To hold in my mind
I remember that night It was bitter and cold... The light had extinguished, as if the sun had ceased to burn. The darkness moved to surround me  Encircling my flesh and piercing my skin.
Gears turnin’ so fast they’re on fire, see the smoke   And breath deep lungfuls of poisoned air- don’t choke   Daniel Tosh treats it all like it’s one big joke  
Distant drums are beating.   War is on her way.   I once wished for peace, once prayed to the almighty Lord for a sort of sanity in mad times.  
Is it all there?Some think there isSome think there isn'tTruth is, nobody knowsIt's so simpleBut so complexHe loves sports,She loves music,They love science,
When I try reading his mind Its just a Big Question mark. When I examine his eyes He looks past me, And more focus on anonymous things. 
When I walk with the moonlight,  Not underneath but beside it, It whispers to me 'do not lose heart, And then I go out and try it.    When I swim with the clouds, Gliding through the fluffy air, 
We all have our preferences You and I, he and she From our individual tastes In food, friends, music, coffee   Friends may say or speak In ways that influence us Though, the result be bleak
The stars fall when she awakes  Another day of saddness and failure she feels alone Fake a smile like all is well she's far gone and no one can tell 
Who knows what it's like? To grow without.   We live every day hoping to find food on our table hoping to make it out of this world a trailor world.   We don't look normal.
So, why do you hide? So, why is it that you cry with a smile covering your face? For why, do you cover what's inside? Let it come as the frost that covers the ground.
No one undestands what it means To be alone To be ignored To eat your lunch in the library Hidden behind stacks of books So no one can see your shame To look at your feet when you walk
They say words speak life, What do do you do if your world come back and bite you in the back. Do you keep your head up? Do you give up? Do you keep trying? WHAT DO I DO?
Have you ever looked around and ask yourself  '' What am I do here?'' , you stand still, feel the air, hear the words, and you just wish
I was one in the dark, you know? Following a pace Destruction was its face Tall and Slim Dark and Grim Too much to care.   The light Was too fair   My itchy ears
Every day I wake up in the wrong body   The misconceptions it causes   make me feel less like a miss   and more like a mistake  
I Need You I was talking to my boyfriend the other day
WHEN Can your eyes see for sure? If the mind has blind fear, ......but if both are blind, You don’t care it is all dead;   Really, in the absence of bright light,
Dear sister friend,   What is it that you see? Are you not pleased with what’s underneath?
Experinces and opportunities like this do not happen everyday. To be able to go places, see things, meet people, and spread wings. Inspiration, aspiration, ambition,, courage, and determination.
  Into flesh I am made to be becoming man given eyes to see  a loving heart to spread love, you from me
No compassion,    And an influx of natural disasters.   That's what you are.   Our interaction are still not mutual,  
I looked around for you until I could no longer see,   Then I realized that this loneliness would forever be apart of me.   The sickening trials of love and connection.  
So I, just woke up and really hate what I'm feeling.
Lost in the mids of this Huge crowd.
What Is Love?
Some call it a hobby, a pass time, a distraction From life, a world that you can create to escape your own, I call it a break from reality when life gets rough, A break from stress and the pain
Back then everything was so vivid, I could remenber her face even though she had left. The image was so clear, its almost as if she stayed. But now, only 5 years have passed
Do you see me  Because as the sky turns blue  And the wind stirs hot  You say nothing.  But your eyes whisper sweet loves .    The distance  Somehow so much, 
I have decided to substitute self harm with my dental care. The unfortunate part is all I've got in the end is multiple scars and impeccably white teeth  that will never get a chance to smile.
Depression is not a "phase" Instead, it comes in phases alike the moon. Sometimes, it is large and overbearing demanding to be felt. Eventually, it wanes and I can feel the calm darkness, 
Mother, I've been cutting I stay awake at night I often refrain from eating I'm sorry if this gives you fright. Mother, please forgive me I've fallen in too deep I can't live like this much longer
I never ate at parties and the family started to notice. I refrained from speaking and the hushed concern grew louder. I wore sweaters in the summer and my mother was continously questioned.
Alright that was tight but homie keep the mic on,
Help cover up my tears and camouflage the pain. 
  Hiding in the light of darkness
I am so sick of people driving buzzed or drunk because they "think" they can
your whole life reads like a tragedy and you couldn't care less the time of day   but please if you just hold on to me you'll see there's more than sad things to say  
The sun burns bright above Birds singing all around Why are the happy?
They call it unhealthy I used to disagreethat everything I used to do to mePut death right in my faceThey call it a disorder I can't say much moreEverything I used to hear was what tore
The voices scream their whispers at me. Their haunting voices fill my mind. You can't escape your own mind. There's not amount of running you can do to escape. Escaping yourself is the hardest thing to do.
Face bright red, heatbeat fast, palm sweaty and you wish you were dead. Social anxiety, at its best.
One I walk above the earth among the stars A mysterious man lifts the enormous weight off of my shoulders He seduces me with sweet whispered words Could this be love? Two
The world is cacophony One must shout to hear themselves But if one has an epiphany A grand idea for mankind's bookshelves How does one let the world know? Attention is hard to grab
Just like a clock i stand there Watching, waiting, judging. Hopeful that maybe one day you'll look at me and not in angst or anger. Maybe one day you'll hear my ticking as calming gesture
I write poetry. Words in a page. My thoughts, My passions, My life. I write to connect with those who are like me. Misunderstood, Lost, Powerless.
I could sleep for days for weeks for years forever.
The words slipped from my breath so easily, that I didn’t even know they were gone. I was always a step behind the rest, but I never thought I would actually be left alone. The war is over but I’m still in the midst of a battle.
Those happy times when you were still around to keep my spirits up with your support and rose me up to stand on my own ground, but now you’re gone, your life here was too short.
I open my mouth. " I think-" I'm interrupted. I try again.  " Oh well, in my opinion-" Again, I'm cut off. I wish i could say this seldom happens. But I'll spare you my lies.
They were a loving family says the photos covering every inch of the wall,  a small dog sleeps down in the living room while a growing boy slept upstairs,
Apart And awake We lie Thousands Of miles away Thoughts crossing paths sooner than our physical bodies will be criss crossing limbs Hands smearing body oils
You, are a good actor. Able to make me fall in and out of love so easily. But I, am a good audience. I've seen this kind of show before. 
Just for a moment. Listen. What do you hear?
  We are so close, but so far away.
He asked, " What do you love?" I told him," Love...Love is all  I need" He said, " What about money, cars and clothes?" I said, "I don't need those...Can I take them when I go?,
I miss y
Behind the Curtain of Staged-Perfection  by Janae 
This is it. "I'm drawing the line"
The monster inside me claws through every muscle fiber in my body And I feel weaker every minute   Lacking expression, my surroundings drip cold and motionless Like a thin stroke of paint on a dusty white canvas  
Baby I'm not religious but When I put the pen to paper I swear someone's watching and helping to guide my hand through all the terrible truths. If there's a God up above,
What makes me happy is my ability to overcome, I thank god everyday for making me as strong of a person as I am and being able to fight through the hard times to find that ending light.
If only you knew how much i needed a friend / i thought i gave you a hint when you saw a cut under my chin/ and  you saw hate marks on my arm or when/ i use to laugh and tears would come out i would say your killing me ,but deep down like a din s
You know what makes me happy, I like laughter and people lauging, at funny jokes I tell my friends happily, when life goes wrong, we are again laughing, for life without joy is quite sappy.
Tell me everything that makes you you  all your flaws, so I can love them,  all your scars, so I can kiss them,  and in the night I will cover your body with all the love I  have to offer 
There was a girl, graceful and free She looked in the mirror just to see  If her hair was not in a big mess To see if she looked rather stressed To make sure her makeup was intact
Hoy está excelente A cada instante
With a great, burning passion I fly high into the sky Far above the clouds Heading towards the stars Following the wind without question Knowing up here I'm safe And am blessed with new freedom
Sometimes I wonder if they can even see me Sometimes I wonder if they can the even hear me Sometimes I wonder if they even notice me Sometimes I wonder if they even know my name
#JustBecause you have an Opinion, Doesn't mean I want to hear it. #JustBecause I'm looking at you, Doesn't mean I care what your saying. #JustBecause I hear you, Doesn't mean I'm listening.
take a breathe 
People ask who I was, who I am, who I used to be,  I wonder why ask something so stupid, so silly?   Who I am is hidden behind pain and mistrust, for me its not easy to just give it up.  
You say "write me into a poem" but the only poem I ever wrote soley for you, were three words you never wanted to hear. Three words that come out as a rush off the end of my tongue like a waterfall.
I was once an open book; my emotions and deepest thoughts were the cover. One day someone ripped out my pages and tossed me into a dark corner.
Things fall apart and things fall together. Promises that start with forever.   No one left to turn to, so here I stand. Holding my fate in the palm of my hand.  
We met in middle school you see;
A thoughtless grove is what i strole upon exsuse me if my words are'nt making any sence im just to far gone, im tryna think of the right things to sa
  It had threatened me. And with every ounce of it I loved. It had hurt me so many times,  and I ordered it to continue. Becoming so accustomed to it, turned into my addiction.
riots of words ruining these dissolving brains sometimes giving up doesn’t seem so bad.   too many suggestions, fifty-fifty-some sounds so right the others all wrong  
There are millions and billions trapped in a tunnel Trapped in society's idea of and stuck in a funnel of cliche's mediocrity and C'est la vie We numbed to death and city causaities Dont shoot 
Torn between fitting in and standing out. Torn between what's right and what's wrong. Torn between agreeing and disagreeing. Torn between family and friends. Torn between who I might be and who I want to be.
Everyone is always trying to rush to the end just to feel good about the win. But what awaits for you as you stand in the line of people who want the same things as you?
It takes me too long To look in the mirror.  Much too long To look at my reflection. Remember the times you called me  "Fat.
I found my long lost twin in France. Hanging in an art museum. She is pale with long curly red hair. Like me.  She is a goddess, born out of a shell from the sea. Not like me.
The world is filled with bitches.   Women got beauty confused with skin hanging out their britches. Hoes, tricks, and sluts.  No longer judged by the expression on one's face but what looks good on their butt.
Who am I?I'm the girl in the corner that keeps her quiet and to herself. I'm the girl that has the crush on that one cute popular guy in school.
Do You really want to know  who I am?  You want to read my poems so that you Don't  
Dead and gone you may now be Take your place among the stars Our joyous, wonderful memories Forever, dwell within my heart
    Remember the day you left?
Punctuating the end of freshman year was the annual four day Mammoth Lakes tripThe trip not only developed an appreciation for the natural world but also a profound discovery                    within me 
They've got me plugged into the motherboard and my wires are tangled like a telephone cord.   As my lungs filter in this synthetic air I settle placidly into a glossed-over stare.
They'll ask me, "Why can't you be quiet?". They'll tell me "Stop talking", as if my voice reminds them of nails on a chalkboard. They say, "You have no filter ", so I'll let my voice drown out the negative .
The beauty of life can take you by surprise If you look at it with caring eyes. A smile, a voice that gives you chills, warming your soul, As goosebumps rise to soak in as much of it as they can.  
I know every word, and I know every line, but the words are stuck,
To be heard is one thing To be understood is a whole other topic I don’t want my words to be a fling They need to be toxic   I want others to feel my pain To grasp the emotion from the page
Had to close my room door because my thoughts were too loud, Or maybe …….because I’m too proud. Sometimes I refuse help from the ones I love the most sometimes I push close friends to the point where they aren’t so c l o s e.
We humans, we stomp across the delicate grass, As if it were not there. But if the grass were human, it would call you an ass, Lift you up and throw you into the air.   We humans, we rise up into the sky,
Are we broken? Maybe, I don’t truly know   But I do know that when she yells out, louder than the rest She leaves my mother asking what she ever did wrong  
So many things that I wish we had known You feel like a stranger; used to feel like home   I keep saying I hate you; you know it's not true As far as I'd run; I'd crawl back to you  
I don’t speak much. I don’t chatter with classmates about boys and hair. I don’t wax poetically about life and its delights. I don’t grunt with anger or whine in distress To random strangers who care nothing less.
I started scribbling down Words as soon as I could hold a pencilold Wordsothers Wordsmade me feel and move and cry and breathe Words
Why not? Why not share? Why not share Joy? Why not express Joy? Why not express Desire? Why not express Desire for Joy? Why not express Desire to share Joy?
Silence deafens here in God’s blind spot, Can't do anything wrong, I'm Too young but Too old but Too bold but
Misfit. Miss fit. Miss, fit into the box of what ladies should be. Miss fit into a pair of size two jeans.
It's easy to kill a deer.  They're only animals. They contribute nothing to society. Who cares if another one is dead? It's easy to kill a deer.   They're worthless and have no value.
Stop! Do not look away. I saw the way You were leering at me. I saw your mind working. I saw the gears grinding. I saw words and phrases  Flashing like lights on a screen.
The connection from mind to
I always figured i was nobody but i didn't expect you to point it out too.  I always figured i was nobody but who are you. I always figured i was nobody but now i have other nobodies too.
For all we know When I hear your voice I was captivated by it , All the men that have come to my life were unreliable For you were the only one in which have seen me with different eyes.
“Fourteen” by Alliyah Fabijan                                     I am              14     14           14                               14     14           14           14     14 14 14 14
The curves and the edges  The valleys and the peaks All form perfectly together Everything. Beautiful.   The ins and the outs The dark and the light
It’s easy
When you saw me walk into your restaurant I doubt that th first thing you thought about was asking me what my preferred pronuns might be Instead, what I'm sure came to mind was: "Shaved underarms bu hairy legs
Sometimes at night I wish I could turn down the volume on my mindI wonder who hears the whispers that
They say there are 44.5 million of us. Despite all the good, all I see on the news, is the rough. They say death is on the rise but, so is the list of overactive activists, determined to get this,
Man the feeling you get when your mind runs free You do not like this feeling but it makes you want to get down on one knee You just want God to take all of these overwhelming thoughts away, desperately you plea
  I put my pencil to the page and sparks flew as the sheer pressure of my thoughts compounded with words to create an ephemeral sense of joy. No substitutes for the attainment of euphoria,
It is made of bricks this Wall in the middle of our silences
The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
the cute little steps you take  when you walk the sad face you make          when I leave the excitement you show      when I feed you   In every action you take, you show me your charm
come herecome a little closer   let me tell you a secret,something no one will ever hearbecause frankly,most don't listen  
When asked to give a description myself I never know what to put. Am I the sum of the challenges I have overcome?
I have a simple dream To fly high in the sky How ironic to me, it seems As I am deathly afraid of heights
    Yes you are sane Parts of our brains They work the same I write for days When you can’t find A reason why You’re acting strange   Yes I’ve dealt with
Why is it that people hurt themselves? Physically injuring their bones, but verbally shattering their soul. Why is it that people lie to one another? Recklessly ruining the foundation of trust and spitting on it.
In the hallways of school, surrounded by unfamilair faces. Feeling alone, and as I walk through the lonely hallway, the only person I can find a friend in is myself. 
It’s been three years Since you left me here, And everyone said time would heal But they just don’t understand the way I feel.   I just don’t get how you let a drug have so much power,
Loud static Never ending noise Words drain like blood But like vapor disappear Walking right past without Breathing the pungeont air No reasons to stop and look Disappearing with no memory
I don't write for the world. There are a thousand Greats A million Stars: Socrates Plato Woodsworth Frost Their brilliance engulfs me.   I don't write for lovers Or family.
A turning of the world on its head Division in time, seperates me from What I am, and what I'm supposed to be
The voice I use to speak my words
Left on the table edge, can't keep it in much longer, Pushed to the edge of my limits, can't give anymore, Fear boils inside of me,
After saving a quarter for the runs,
Step 1:  You can't excpect anyone to love you until you love yourself. You stuff sanguine knives into your stomach, pop pills until there is only dust.
My first question is...... Why me? Only Me, Myself and I Can't she see?   I think she knows That she causes me great stress But then I think about what someone says
Hello? I’m talking to you, over there In the corner
In reference to my looks: I wait, weight, wHATE for the day where my eyes, the world's eyes dont see mychubbythighs squeezed into one size fits all? Five sizes too small for the ethnic girl with the wash and go curl.
Love is a state the disallows logic you have not the luxury of such black and white when you love, you love
Love is a state the disallows logic you have not the luxury of such black and white when you love, you love
She cannot stop, she cannot quit, but sometimes she wishes life would just get on with it. She tries to stay positive, keep a smile on her face, but it’s hard when she has to keep running this race.
They told me it was okay to cry. But these tears have left hundreds of scars Auto-biographies written in my skin All etched with the hopes of finding some peace Because I only see war.  
She is a rose And I, her thorn. What a wondrous thing To look so beautiful While someone else Lies at fault For your pain.
Define rape – A four letter word meaning She was asking for it Her skirt was too short And, well, she didn’t say no. Define catcall – A seven letter, slang term describing how men
College is the time to be free To soar and be oneself To explore what the world has to offer
I.                   The Boy You will taste blood in your mouth when you kiss him.
Post-Eruption   If wanting you makes me clingy, Guess I’m just the monkey on your back always waiting to attack Can’t relax Can’t mellow emotion
Right and wrong, criminal an
Words   They don’t flow out easy   So I type, type, type   Words   I can’t speak them freely   So I type, type, type   Words  
I remember the first day I looked in the mirror and said, “Not good enough.” I saw the red blotches on my face, The rolls on my stomach when I sat down,
A Mormon, Baptist, and Agnostic talk about God. It shouldn’t sound like a joke. Our minds shouldn’t say comparing culture is foolish. Yet it is still just a joke. That Mormon is a girl, just a woman.
  I thrive; I achieve, But Failure's shadow lurks over me, And it won't let me be. He' always waiting there for me
I want to be like the horizon. So breathtaking and inexplicable, Possessing the ability to make a grown man fall silent
Time went by and I observed Passion grow, He told me to take the path of Plan, and to the right way I’ll go, Enthralled by my destination I went courageously,
This is a poem for the next girl to break my heart. I will write angry poems about you. Post them on billboards. Pray to a God that I don’t believe in. Dead stars should not shine.  
Strolling the dark street / I’m walking with a cold gaze / Have I declared defeat... / running through life's maze? / I remember a phrase / “Mend the wound, Forbid distress” /
From the time I was a cub, I knew how to roar. My mother lit a fire in me before my paws touched the earth And maybe I’ve burnt things down. Arson is a crime, but love is not.   I was taught to love all men,
What is wise in this world twisted in concept What is wise when knowledge leads to destruction What is wise when our lessons become our undoing These questions I seek diligently for answers
Have you ever woken up countless times in the middle of the night, because you swore you felt him sit down on the edge of your bed? If so let me help,
I'm your smallest addiction, an unwanted seduction, a sting seeping quickly to  the heart. I start with a murmur and progress to an explosion  as my grasp constricts your mind.
I didn't always have a voice. I had a croak, a mumble, a gargle, a choking sound trying desparately to escape my throat.
The fire of the day dies In the passionate embers of dusk.
To be heard? Or to be me? Societal norms? They aren't me. I stand out, i choose the be the "weird one." Love? Relationships? Neither for me. I like causualness, and change.
Take heed, All who have succumbed to greed. For there will come a day, When the sky will fade.   In the dark you shall hide, With no one by your side. Your soul shall be distraught with shame,
Relationships don't you mean relationshits? 
When I entered high school, I thought I had it made.
This poem is for no one You cant hear me scream Look at the people living all my dreams Way to much anguish and doubt Without a doubt I dont want you to hear me Please stop reading    
People called her “perfect.” She did everything she was supposed to do. Aced every quiz and was the highest in her class. She fought and struggled her way through.  
I write for myself a girl who's perceived as  small, quiet, and has nothing to say.   i write for myself  because I too have thoughts, thoughts that stayed unspoken, waiting their turn
Some words will never be heard, but it doesn’t mean that they will go unsaid.   It is in the speaking of the word, not the hearing, that the word comes alive.  
There are stones rooted into your mind. 
My voice might be soft, but it carries a lot of weight.
Save me a place as close as you want me to be in your world of what if and could be so when what if becomes what is it will be you and me 
Be weird, but not too weird Be grown, but not too grown Be smart, but not too smart Be happy, but not too happy   Be you, but not completely you   Society dictates Society administrates
Prepare for Nothing. Prepare for your end. There is Nothing Waiting for you.   You think you know Nothing Because you’ve seen men die? All you’ve seen is the emptiness they leave behind.
"One Human Race" People wonder around blind
IMAGE   Image is a strong word for girls and guys both.  It's not the word of the bird, but the sense of the matter.  It's about what you can afford,
An abnormal cloud of silence hovers over the grimy bus No one makes a fuss Their eyes are that of a dead fish
Sitting on the beach Hearing the waves crash against the sand Feeling the sand betwee my toes Wrapped in the arms of the ocean and feeling save being around the ocean Being surrounded by the waves and the sun
I had my whole life ahead of me. I had a plan, I had a dream. When I was little I envisioned what I could be. I had a great life, My family treated me well. It all went down the drain.
Should've put me in a bag where I'd be unknown,left all alone, but I'm not sadI would'nt have to wish for things I had.I would'nt even be mad.
When you came into this world you didn't choose your skin Yet the world holds it against you and sometimes you feel like you just can't win
Feels like Im stuck, Not by glue, nor tape. But by a lifee of destruction.Feels like im hurt. Hurt that a bandage couldn't fix. Only a listening ear.
We write for what we think is right. We write to remind us of memories,
  When I was young I could see everything It surprises me how my life has changed As a kid who could once see the screen
I see my life like a fountain pen in an inconsistant hand.
(To be Heard)
I smell th
Inside a haunted steeple,   lies a beautiful bride.
They say college education is worth every dollar When I get straight A's i make my parents holler  I live on a farm and I was born the country way  I have wanted to be a vet from the very first day 
There’s a beauty in loving you knowing you’ll never see me It’s like a cancer to my heart Its killing me but you’re my drug
There are so many things to see in such a small amount of time, So many things to know, experience, and interpret in such a small period of life. And I find myself running in circles, from place to place, hour to hour,
My brain is clockwork.Gears of negativity grind against bone;A metal cage trapping life insideLocking and turning.
Up, down. Left, right. Front, back. Repeat. The ping pong ball underneath her scalp echoes as she wonders when this game will find its calm.
I think, in an ideal world, She will be small and lonely, round glasses on a nose Lenses the thickness of coke bottles and Hair as fickle as sunshine and rain And she will creep into the store, searching
Beneath the mask is a life unknown But to some life beneath the mask is all they know.   The thoughts that spin through their head at night And the smiles faked in the morning light.  
How much can I write, until my soul runs dry, just like this pen, it isn't limitless. Will there be a day when I cease to exist, because a body can't survive without a heart
  Negative thoughts Leading to Emotional distraught Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper Your hard work neglected
This marriage changed our lives forever, something we both know.   You aren't divorcing no never,
Listen closley you will only hear this one time To catch your attention I even made it rhyme I'm about to tell you all about reality
Sweetly orchestrated is the music of which we live by. Birthed by emotions of hearts so stirred. To start off as nothing but a feeling, a thought, a word, it takes on the form of note. Sustained.
Trying to survive, in different situations. Situations similar to everyone else, but handled differently.
Six months it has been I’ve been counting the days Since the night when they came And took us away  
Just a young black male in this world of sin Man versus man I'm fighting from within Got to stay strong, can't break nor bend My whole life changed when my brother got locked up in the pen
A gust of wind whisked the bird from the flock into the fog.
I need feminism because of men in suits and ties,   pushing blank legislation with slanted lies,   swinging their heavy gavels on my uterine lining,  
Feel me? Feel my pain Love lost Love gained Love will drive you insane Love obtained can be tamed Nobody wants to be temporary Don't have time for "hi's" and "bye's"
Living in  this world full of mystery  Can't take this pain anymore I'm tired of all this misery My blvck mind goin crazy  I don't know what has gotten into me
How does one mend a broken heart? Let go Don't dwell on what's been  It's not fair to what's now Or what could be Don't be the one to wish "what if" That "what if" will turn into "why"
When I’m silent is when I’m loudest My thoughts are silenced but my actions shout And when I cry Don’t shut me out   My friends, my family I love you dearly But when I speak
I've never really thought about it,  The idea of someone reading what I write, what I have to say. I write for myself  I suppose.  I am the only one for whom I wish to transpose 
    To Those Who Cannot Speak –   Let it be known that I hear your voice, Through the wrinkles in your skin and the quick motions of your hands, Sound is not the only choice.  
Oh my little butterfly,
Crash, bang, bright lights, shining bright, crash, bang, bang You stumble out into a sea of blue Your feet land on a dirty dark sheep’s fleece Speckled with grey and showing off white blotches
Kids get wet in the summer time leaving parks and street corners outlined with the residue of the ashy. I sometimes wonder what could have been of their future and my concsious says,
This is a story of forget-me-nots Of things I learned but was not taught And all I'm asking Is for you to hear Me A quiet room and sullen gaze
Each night I lay awake Waiting and waiting To listen to that little voice.   It’s the voice Of my heart,
Tread lightly, for the glass is fragile, and when it shatters, our feet will be shredded, like the pages of a journal, visciously torn out, when the author can no longer bear to read their words
Once upon a time I displayed a middle finger with a peace sign
i before e except after c    Seventeen: 
I often play in the day .  Even at night where you lay .  My name is Depression .  I like to give the impression  that everything is okay .  In all I feel like clay . 
I'm sitting here, mocked by a blank screen, thinking maybe some music will shed some light on the scene. A couple hours ago, I was full of rhyme, but it looks like waiting too long, I was just out of time.
How does it feel to have poems written about you and not to care?
If I was there with you I would hold you close, Then id ask whats on your mind After that we can share what you feel Challenges you face you dont have to face alone And our bond could last a lifetime all on its own.
Anencephaly Anencephaly Definition: Absence of a brain or skull Definition: Absence of life for my sister's child Definition: A sick joke fom God   The lost fetus
They say the good die young, and I believe that's true.
I know pain is eating you from the inside, and you feel as if its spreading worldwide. So you develop into a serpent, the inner wound growing extremely potent.   People become sick of you,
Hey, how are you? 
I’m not a poet And my entire English class knows it.
What do I do without reh
It's fascinating how, 
Let me mix my colors with yours it’s the human triumph and universal theme to get the better of your wounds and turn them to scars Let me blend mine with yours.
These are shadow times We stand on wobbly knees The cracking in our voices This the beginning of the end We are lost without the cause This is our long-awaited redemption
Where did I come from? Walking on this tight rope
Rain comes crashing down as it hits my face You injure the living You are too distracted to see pain Just the colors of drops of rain You see no harm in hurting the ones you love. You never understand,
We all know life is complicated, But I'm so out of place. My mind continues to wander In completely unorthodox ways. I'm tired of living "normal" And following everyone else's traditions,
This unforgettable reminiscence haunts her daily, why can't IT let her be? Don't they know that it wounds within the spirit and mind?
To be heard like the songs of a bird filled with happy hamonies and mellow melodies
Trapped, I pound on the glass Full, the chalice brims with emotion The outside, cool, collected,               motionless The inside shaking, quivering,                bursting
Why do we wake up? Humans are evil . Humans are dumb. Humans can think yes. But only of what suits them best. Humans walk beside the rest of us. Forgetting they are the rest of us
Look at you, You're living, alive. Look at you, A body full of life. Look at you.   I want you to hear me, Be affected by what I say. I know it sounds selfish, But I want some way
I dream of a kiss. Clothes on but  souls laid bare. I feel no touch, and yet my body crackles. Just enough of a spark  to pump my heart or to stop it.
They say that love is blind Although I am not sure why, considering that We As humans seem to Have
Artificial Light and Black and Gray and Salty Clear   Once I had fallen, I couldn’t stand anymore
Never before in all my days have I seen a hole so deep. A void so black a light it lacked and caused the strong to weep.   As the bravest fell into the dark
The Path
  What is in my chemical essence, my make up? Tell me how I should describe myself to you when I’ve yet to deduce who I am
I know it hurts But please don't fret The best of it Has not come yet I know the rain feels cold and wet But don't do something you'll regret   If it starts to rain
I am in a room full of people, bustling, busy as I sit in the back, I look up from the dull dark gray desk, to my demise, and see you. I looked down again and felt pierced as though by a tack,
Before I learned the power of the pen I was messed up more than anyone could understand I always felt like the victim of my own imagination without an escape from my twisted mentality
The calm before
My voice is quiet But my mind is full of thoughts Thoughts of you, strange right?
Why am I not me to society? They categorize me to fit their standards That deny my essence like cancer Because the pinnacle cannot handle That my identity is not scandal Self-expression through my hair
Hugs and sunshine on
It didn't seem so scary and so hard when I was little, then what seemed like a dream became a nightmare, no...and night terror.
Freedom is nonexistent in today's world
Quiet. Silent. Why should I be? I was born demanding attention. I came into this life screaming.   I write because eloquence just passed me by. Out of my mouth spews forth aberrations.
This poem is for the people who have put me in a box. They have said: “Here you may come, and no further!” I have been categorized.  
This is my poem.
I live a life of shadows, Where darkness protects me,  And I am not who I seem. It may look like I didn't see or hear, but I did. I lie in wait. Beware of who I am and of who I can become. 
I held your gaze— Transfixed by you— Because in your eyes I saw a sea— And I was engulfed by your waves.   Those clear sea foam orbs, Like the nebulae in our universe,
You are the hurt, and the wounde
Had I a thousand mouthes, a thousand tongues,  to speak endless streams of honeyed- or bitter- words to your heart, I would. Oh, I would! So, perchance (no matter how meek that chance), you will hear them and be inspired.
Expect this, expect that You think you know her like the back of your hand You see her with a smile
The love of a brother, One that can never be replaced It can only be cherish as the memories we build Our love helped us overcome the obstacles put upon us Without each other’s support and comfort
The endless hurtache of waking up With nothing to show for it Where trying your best always seem to be silence by the truth Where money plays a big role like a puppeteer, showing his latest masterpiece
To my creator   Made me from love Hold me in your arms Raised me the best you could
To See   It's your first day of high school Same old friends but all new
As a young child a man would stand in front of us and preach about the word of God. Now as a man I sit in a chair and again listen to a lecture
My mother always told me "child, don't you cry over spilled milk", but no one ever said anything about spilled ink, and the funny thing about ink is that it comes in many different colors, one color for each emotion,
You don't respect me, and that hurts. You think I'm stupid, conceded and lazy. You don't see that, words like that sting. You are older, smarter and better.
You don't respect me, and that hurts. You think I'm stupid, conceded and lazy. You don't see that, words like that sting. You are older, smarter and better.
It's OK to fear. To let it grip you in such a way,
My head was a mess, so I just had to confess. My feelings inside, they will not hide. I was gonna blow. I'm sure it was a good show. What was I to do?
My head was a mess, so I just had to confess. My feelings inside, they will not hide. I was gonna blow. I'm sure it was a good show. What was I to do? I just couldn't go through. The day seem so long.
SHHH!! Can you hear the screams and the cries of the lies that have been told to her in her lifetime? Again, she is looking for, searching for, yearning for the right time...
Mother listen Father listen Listen to me Listen please Please it’s all I want Please it’s all I need I need to make my own choices I need you to let me do it It will help me grow
As I work through the indigneous fields, The work is vey hard than I can bare. As this work goes throught the poignant yields, I can feel on my body the wear and tear. As I pick through the verdant maelstrom,
I wish I could open up and let someone love me.  I wish I didn't jump when people touch me. Maybe I should stop cutting and calling myself ugly. But it's not that easy when you have your own personal bully.
Lately I've been having so much trouble forming coherent sentences, and I thought maybe it had to do something with you.
Have you ever felt like you are drifting away?  and need someone to show you reasons to stay? Family, friends, and some pets too  Always pick you up when you feel blue Hugs, cuddles, and kisses
This is our senior year Our year together Yet Your friends talk to me  more than you do A steady income is ore of a priority Than I am to you All I hear now Are negetive comments
Join me in my paradeof sickening disgrace.
"Patience", she said, As she whispered in my ear. All being's trials start here. She drew me a map And left me alone. "If you want,  come follow me here." With tears in my eyes, 
Oh no, I have nothing to hide. Never in my life have I tried. I have always been happy! I will never be sappy. Not that my parents bother me, Nor is it ever a biggie. All that matters is your glee;
There is only one for me Sing to me Let it fill my body From the tip of my head to the crown on my feet Don’t deny what you feel, let me undress you baby Strip you of your fears and worries
My scars are small but yet hurt so much From crying , to cutting, to fighting Too knowing what I have become My whole life I was always told I was nothing Do to me not getting your love...
You taught us to be just But there is no justice. You taught us to save people But they are dying in the streets. You taught us to love But hatred runs deep in our blood. You taught us to live
Sometimes I feel like the hands of a clock Always rushing down, down, down Falling into that deep, bottomless pit – Called “Time” – Something that used to be mine. Protests chime like discordant bells
I question if i am making the right decisions.. When i look into those tearfulled eyes My child I have walkd thro hell with you still growing in my womb.. but why is it now
I wanted to say, “I’m sorry” for the longest amount of time. I wanted to talk, To explain, To know how this crumbled under a fault of mine. Somehow I knew – You didn’t care You blamed me
I still remember when We were very small And we had great dreams About when we’d grow tall. Firefighter, you were. And I could never decide. Those days were such a blur!
When you are a woman, you are consumered in your thoughts of what men think of you, see in you. When we walk with our head held high, and speak our opinion, do men even care to listen....
As the image of isoloation arrivesI wonder, is this a moment of peace?I know I should be grateful to be alive,But as i stare into utter emptiness,My mind and soul feels completely empty. 
When my soul aches, When my heart swells,
Used Neglect Stand up Unwind Resolve Evolve    Unsure if I"m being used..... Unsure If I'm being used to copy answers and homework from
Used Neglect Stand up Unwind Resolve Evolve    Unsure if I"m being used..... Unsure If I'm being used to copy answers and homework from
I'm ugly? You have the audacity to me ugly,
Stranger, What a danger they said you would be. I’ll show you my heart, scrawled on a page.
Today I rise above.  Above the pain of yesterdays Above the torment that has imprisoned my body and my mind for far too long
To be heard  to be heard is a thing of grandour to be heard can arrouse question of who, where, and what for to be heard allows your name to be uttered forever carving your name in the verse of human life 
I have never been an artist. I am California after the Big One, but you, you are wildflower mountain tops soaked in June’s soda pop afternoon rain and my words will never be as beautiful as
we've all heard those words "speak what you believe, no matter what" in the world of school, work, facebook, twitter you can't always speak what you believe most of these people will call you out and say
Everyone always says that we have to be the best. The best athlete, the best student, the best youth, the best applicant. But no one stops to think of the amount of  pressure they are placing on us.
Pictures of my past Haunt me as they last Conquer I must For y future is what I trust I have grown stronger each year And finally college is almost here Applications have been sent
Your face says you don't care if  I'm not speaking about you even if I'm speaking to you. Well, this is about you. About you not showing up and You being the one I'm waiting for and
Lying laughter lines,  face the mirror, then others-- Blurred show, buried soul. 
Always the listener in a conversation,My voice rarely makes an appearance.Being the quiet one gives me a reputation.If I said anything, they would not hear it.
 What is the meaning of their blasphemous pride? This blaming ride,  The escape goat, am I?  What is the point of the out of place lies? Economic declines? Existential remnants of permanent enclosures?
Will you choose to see the 57,000 children fleeing on bare feet hopeful of the American dream?
“Still” by, GiGi Spata Captured, trapped, broken A mangled mouse in a trap Like a beautiful bird in a cage A precious puppy in a pound
I used to believe that everything about life was wonderous
Stories with the same beginning and end
When you look at me,  you see what I want you to see.  I show you more than I show the others,  with them I hide behind the shutters of my eyes.  You see me through the rain,  you see through my pain. 
  when i was little i'd look up at my teacher and say "i wanna be a queen
The sun wakes the neighborhood, bouncing off the black shingled rooftops. I close my eyes. Inhale.  And start my descent down the paved hill from my doorway.
You can call me Oz. I rightly fit the name. I hide behind a curtain cause my heart is filled with shame. I'll tell you my little secret, but only if you won't tell. I have the world hypnotized by my little spell. 
It was a cold March day That's when I got the call And I hadn't had much to say But then I started to bawl
HEARTBREAK By: Malaika LeAnne Uding   Sitting on the porch under a starless night,
I always smile on the outside, But my true feelings are deep inside. Sitting there quietly as they hide; They don't want anyone to know the  Pain,they don't want anyone to see the strain,
Everything it hurts inside, Do you know the burden that I hide,       it's a pain of burning flame,  but its hidden as a stain, a stain in my "oh so perfect" heart,
I don't know how I got this way, my feelings for you still haven't changed. The good in me has gone away.
Everybody wants to be heard, but nobody wants to listen I'm no poet myself, I'm just a student with a vision to one day be known as an inspiration to many not be tossed down the ground like an old, copper penny 
Down the stairs I go. Descending down one step at a time not knowing where I am going. Every one else is ignoring my decent.   What is down these stairs?
This wall is what I call my home. Without it, I feel lost, foreign, and alone. It is a guard that protects the innermost part of me. To fade and to blend my culture into society.  
Laughter and chatter fill the air As children swing on swings  Slide down slides And race around the merry-go-round Oh what I would give to go back to those days To be a child once again 
Stop crying for me, Darling.You're wasting your life in tears.Don't worry for me, Darling.
  Death is like a journey A journey to a world unknown A beautiful place that humans cannot see A place for families to reunite A place where souls can wander free  
If I was a man I think you'd understand You would respect goodbye But instead you prey and think it is okay Don't hang around get lost.   Pieces of your ammunition are caught
God I wish you'd stop by and say hi. So that we can talk about life. And answer all the reasons why. Like why do we have to die. Or why do we have to cry And why do we have to lie
Me against the Triumph I can’t say I’m not a criminal Cause to the bible I have committed plenty crimes Lies I have told to cover my ass, Plenty times.  
To Be Heard
I hear America singing, Melodically across the fifty states, Heard above the sound of the birds chirping Beyond the white picket fence. THe oices that range from a deep alto to a high soprano,
(Before I was saved, This was me)  --------------------------------------------
I want to live like Jay Gatsby.
Ripped but not running
They perch in front of a mirror, Teetering on a tightrope, thousands of miles in the air, Swaying in the roguish winds With a net made of crisscrossing razor blades serving as the only defense from a cold ground
Dear high school bullies, I wonder if you know what you did to me.  I wonder if you still believe the things you said. 
Dear Me, do you see what I see?   what have come of the world around us? where one opinion matters more than anyone else's does. it makes no cents so it isn't going to change;
When will we go to clarity and get out out of confusion. Grasping the preceptions of ourselves based on the media's illusions.
I, do not like me. I am the opposite of normal, the reason you can't sleep. I am the tears you hold back when your heart is breaking. I am the smile in over the years you have perfected in faking.
Escape this state of mind Can't stand to fight I'm watching my life in rewind    I don't know where to find Myself when my days feel like night Escape this state of mind  
Maybe I'm a fool for falling for you,
I have limited my mind Closed the doors and hidden safely within my walls The Sphynx rocking on its heels  antsy for a challenger  but alas none make it through the labyrinth 
Sometimes at night you would call me and sing to me.
We are all raising  Monkeys in the mirror To the deny this The evidence couldn't be any clearer   i may be subject to my flaws but don't expect me to believe in your god you live for prophecy
I live alone inside my eyes i lie in bed And converse with them before you judge my struggle look before you leap dont pop my bubble   i may be living with friends
Why despite the evidence we all lust for gold why despite the evidence because you didn't see it unfold?   we go back and forth shades of grey  trapped in black and white
Poets gather  in the dark feed the light  off your pages spark   you antagonize your refection so release your world on a page cover it in blood and ink stains  
I see the Bodies Burning  I see them smoulder no longer will I wait  to take over ive channeled all my thoughts and fears unlocked a god residing in me for years  
Long before I had begun to know i had a fear of growing old i counted the days that have come to pass Here all alone In the Back Trapped inside my head Desperately trying to escape
First sound- jarring microphone feedback The next, perhaps even more jarring- his name, followed by yours I-only-remember-your-first-name Mike gives him a congratulatory pat on the back You stand there smiling because  
How are we suppose to speak out for what's right When it seems as if to peacefully protest is denied So we haven't had the right?   To see past color was a dream A vision past down by a king
How are we suppose to speak out for what's right When it seems as if to peacefully protest is denied So we haven't had the right?   To see past color was a dream A vision past down by a king
Kids... Some say... Can't live with em Can't live without em, But when you're without em... What is it that they do behind your back?
He’s kind
 The kind of boy, the kind of heart you keep,
In the world I live in a simple greeting becomes a death wish. In the world I live in ignorance is cherish. In the world I live in violence is a type of pollution. In the world I live in
My intellectual capabilities dig beyond what you see, Ass & titties aren't so unique, You can't grab my ass like you can grasp my mind, Look down my shirt, you won't find divinity,
Lonely is not a word that I like to hear,  it echos in the vast silences that are filled by lies,  Lonely is a storm shadow cast over an empty jungle gym,  
I remembered the days When I was a child I use to think that the Disney princesses Were real people
Thousands of voices, Millions of people, Harmony, But not a symphony,
Can't you see? I have my clouds
Every person has a dream, A goal that becomes their motivation, But not every dream succeeds, And those that do are lucky.   Lucky enough to brave the endless monsoons of obstacles;
In dedication to a fighter, father, life's hero, and dancer.   Indiscriminately
if i had to pick the most beautiful thing on God's green Earth, it would be him I could bask in his presence all day looking in his eyes doesn't just make the clouds go away,
Dear you, I do this for you What is a writer without a reader? Useless. So. These words are yours now.
Life is gift from God But you have to earn that gift You can’t just expect things to happen Or else they never will   Life is about persistence Hard work and dedication pays off
I am a Painter of Another Day Another sleepless night, Another day avoiding glances, Another day pretending to be happy, Anothr fake smile, And another day hiding the scars covering my skin.
I misplaced the text. Hopefully the sound has good quality.
I hope to bring change to this world through the spreading of Good news
    Look around you in the hallways  in the classrooms in the streets Same people,  same clothes every day in sync   In a world where nothing's different 
I once wrote a poem with so much grieve and pain
With the tone my voice
Sliding down a cliff of glass, Seems to be full of grace. But when the reflection catches my glimpse,
Seventeen years young, The bightest of the ages, Not old enough to make your won decisions But old enough that you feel that you should make your own decisions. So young and alive, but restricted and controlled
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but they will never kill me. Even if my pulse cease, I promise society will feel me. I refuse to die at the hands of civilization ... I create my own destiny.
4:30a.m. GET UP! Shower,dry,makeup,put on a sweater and jeans and boots You're beauti.... 6:50 a.m. Wipe tears 7:20 a.m. Go to school Eyes..whispers..
It seems sometimes, with this seperation of body from soul That we can all become blind, invisioning the staircase in the tunnel to our goal It seems sometimes, that we are all alone when we focus on ourselves
The adrenalin flows, as I run from everything that I've ever known. Its fight or flight but now, both aren't an option.   Youth and knives...
I'm just a body made up of atoms. In the grand scale of life I am small. 
I guess I'm confused how the term woman translated into bitch, or why I have to constantly reiterate that we're woman not hoes to every dude I'm with. You must've lost your mind when you lost your respect 
We only got one time, our life is defined Behind eyes of the man whose never had blood on his hands. They teach us virtues in class, but tell us to stab each other in the back when the time comes and there's only one spot open.
You've been there since the day I was born, Holding me in your arms as if I was your own; Treated me with love and affection,  As if I was a princess of perfection.  You gave me everything I could ask for, 
I dream of children learing the speak. I dream of a world of communication I dream of being a speech therapist I dream of changing the world
From the age of zero, starting at birth, where have you been? Did I do something wrong? Do I deserve the Hell and confusion I've been put through? I longed for the love of those whose blood is running through my veins.
Why does my pulse quicken and stomach sicken at your sight?
If I stayed within the lines, would these words read any clearer?
Money To breathe, to live
1.  A lab report lays on the table, a chart with a name too familiar
Look at me And what do you see
In this dream, blood fills to sills. It shifts and sprays across the scene; Not by day nor moonlit beam.  
1. Because we live in the land of the "free" but there are people who are more likely to be attacked by both the local police and the federal government based of the color of their skin.
Haiku of Loneliness
Everyday it's the same thing I look at you- you look at me, We laugh at all the craziness  around us I text you " Hey " or " i just seen the  funniest thing and it made me think  about you '
You do not need to be fast. You do not have to finish the 5k you registered for the morning of, vulnerable. To be a runner, just start. Let the cheetah of your legs move you
There is a certain thing I seem to be A manner sweet, and care put in my dress- But deeper look would show I'm nearly free Of qualities that I seem to possess.    Success was in my plan, they all would say
My time is coming, I cannot
Just a Tree   When the first fingers of light start to summon back earth’s vibrant greens, You and He both stir.   I hear you prick through your brittle shell
Mirrors.  Pretty much everyone looks into a mirror at least 10 times a day. But what are they looking at? Most people are doing the obvious thing and checking themselves out.
I can't forget the look in your eyes The long hugs and short kisses good bye Why? Why did you have to go? It was said that you was tired and I know that to have been true
Sterling Klein
Well this is quite a surprise. I've never been asked this inquiry before.
Taking a trip through the French 25 to drinking Bourbon down the street to rowing her boat on canal  but yet life ain't even a dream  for Easy Erica the sex fiend.   Born in the Big Easy 
Why must the good die youngI'll never understand
I smile when I look at you   When I was little I would cry if I stepped on a bug Because life is important and Bugs are cute   I remember the innocence when
I never started off as a "normal" kid ever since the very begining for starters I was born early was fatherless, had to get spectacles before I was even two and still have them
One Thing   Only one thing in Life matters forever-
I don't want to be HEARD. I want thee to listen.   What I say is not for me. What I say is for US.   I speak tenderly, Hoping you'll catch UP.   Our voices are the most important,
What is the meaning of Easter?Is it the eggs?
To God the most High,Is what the angel's sang.
I was told that I once walked with the SaviorThrou
Our divine purpose isA masterpiece we have a hand
I have feelings of loneliness that I can't breakTh
Being known in the street is good cause I am unique. Getting respect and moving fast in the fastlane will get me paid.
I woke up this morning and you weren't there. I jumpted to my feet, my heart in a scare We were about to get married, our daughter on the way everything was suppose to happen this upcoming May
Wounded body of Carrie- the Cancer patient Wounded soul of Barry- the Bipolar patient
Gazed upon the beauty like  a sun that rises in the morning  Smile as if grandma just made breakfast  Head held high to assert her dominance and diligence to take the world and its challenges at hand 
To be heard. Can you hear me?
I found a weed in the garden and called it  "a beautiful flower" but they smacked my hand and called it  "disgusting" "a pest" "undsesirable" and pulled its roots from the ground
Sometimes, the hardest part about being heard Isn’t being heard It’s getting the word From your thoughts To your mouth And from your mouth To the outside world   It all starts with a dot
I remember trying. 
Was I not there? Did I not see the signs? maybe I didn't tell you I loved you enough maybe I didn't tell you I cared about you enough I remember the way your eyes lit up when they saw mine
My evil twin shares my name, my brain, and my looks, He turns my clean thoughts into well-written dramas, Every move I make, is my twins chance to take, When I breathe out, he breathes out as if we're one in the same,
Ladies and Gentlemen! Silence Please!
To some it was easy, we ran through the maze.  For us it was easy, as we left behind the haze.    We kept up with the pack, and ran with the crowd.  We never looked back,
People say that life sucks and then you die But I've always wondered why? People who say this don't know the joy and the laughter
Into the woods of every city patty cakes are made by bakers men with affections for pyrex and bitter soda  thunderous claps insight a familiar shuffle  the bell is broken an avalanched of witnesses   
Here I am, just another lunatic
Two minus one as pair became single.
Believe it or not I didn’t wake up thinking of you I didn’t put on lipstick for you I didn’t brush my hair for you I didn’t wear this dress for you
Three words, eight letters, still it’s hard to say I love you anyway I’m nervous as heck, trying to figure you out What are you about? I don’t want no doubt `
Powerful Women   Part I   People are afraid of powerful women…I think. My mama once told me “beware of sparks.” Because sparks are usually the beginning of something bigger Of a fire
When our o
It came oh so very naturally,
I am woman. You are man. Though I am not Eve nor are you Adam. The deceit lies on the tip of a tongue's vacant truth,
Why do I write? It is my truest voice Why must I write? I have no choice It is My vice  My crutch My calling I have to write  It's my way of coping. You hear me now, 
When life begins  And we start to look for who we are in the world we create ourselves this distorted image of perfection that society created for us   
I hope you listen closely to what I’m about to say, These things will help you learn and grow each and every day Don’t dwell on bad situations that happened in the past,
Who am I? What am I? Change me Make me what I want to be
  Phase I.       Staring at the ceiling –
For what I most want in this world, Is far away, To reach, I am uncertain, For its been bounded, Within the limits of myself, Extraordinary for I have become. .
We are both a litte messed up, a little dead in the head. We both have messed up lives that no one seems to care about, but can we care about eachother's? I help you, and you help me.
At the top of a hill where lights are floating to the sky..
Don't look back You won't like what you see. Don't focus on the past. That's not the real me.   You've been through so much, but you hide it so well. Darling don't be shy.
There's an owl outside my window.The last place to
Power doesn’t equal money Power doesn’t equal muscle strength
Many wonder "Why be a writer?" They think two things: I'm too much a dreamer, or their believers. I'm not afraid to say I'm a dreamer, and I thank those who are believers.
A Messy Humanity! Where's God?  
I plaster the same smile on every day, Hiding the hurt and burying the truth. I didn't expect anyone to listen, But you did.   You heard my pains and reality, And you still adored me through it.
Your inhumane remarks make me quiver. When I give you Time, You destroy it, Dangling your words into a blur of explosions directed solely at me.   Women have rights, You digress.
I gave you my heart you gave me yours
You saved my life.  I was slowly killing myself. One slash at a time. But now I am on my way to recovery. You standing by my side, what could be better?
Isnt it crazy how osmething so small can pop up and cause so much chaos,  like when you see a field mouse in the kitchen  it doesnt know anything except that its looking for its next meal  but all we see is vermin that needs to be extinguished  i
My heart it aches beyond thy slowest torture inflicted At the first mention of what shall be considered beauty. Such impossibility casts a spell for my heart never to be uplifted
A job that can transform me is not a job at all. A job is what people have to get by. I don't want to just get by, feel all high and mighty when really it's so hard I'm ready to die. No, I don't have a dream job. I have a dream though.
This is what we do. We throw sharp, capitalized, poison submerged sentences at one another’s face. I glue my hands to my water running, swollen red eyes
When you try to silence voice you’re silencing a movement Telling it to hush and learn how not to speak at all You’re telling her that she does not matter You’re taking away her ability to speak up for herself
These feelings that I'm feeling...are they real? Tears running down my face, I can't feel I real? Should I hold them in...let them out? But oh no, that's just a life that I am no longer about.
I speak to say hello. I'm here, and I exist. I'm not here for very long, But I'm here, and I exist.   I paint so I can see The colors swirl around. I draw the motion and emotion
The first death that I can remember was when I was three years old.
In the alphabet, there are 26 letters: 5 vowels and 21 consonants. 
What do thee see in the world arou
Everyone has spices in their life But do I have some? I act grown-up practically every moment I have I may need to add few more cups of being a kid That’s my life recipe Everyone has their own recipe for life
I can't find a method to this madness connecting stray dots  and calling them poetic thoughts numb bodies with  teeming eyes We don't deserve this demise! Where is the paradise?  
Lets live for today  Let past troubles fade away Let go of the uncontrollable, its not here to stay So why do we worry about other things they dont matter, they dont matter Nothing is here to stay
I am staring down the dark, ominous trench  If I were to jump here, now Would anyone miss me? With all that I have done? Yes, he would
I'm hungry, but not for food Instead I'm hungry for the drugs that fill my stabbing emptiness Drugs that make me stop shaking, but only keep me waiting For someone to understand it's a part of me
Poopy diapers and rolling overs The piggly wiggly’s and ogar toes; Crawling to stumbling and walking shortly Then eating sand while tumbling in the waves… Learning to talk, read, and write
I want to be heard,but I have no voice.
As flagrant ripples tore the lake Betwixt last night and morn,
The sad woman ponders what is worth love When it's accompanied by buried hate, The man she loves contains the peace above Unless when he drags out her bitter ache.   
To the mother, to the child, to the lover, to the fool,  
Captivated I feelwith a whirlwind of nothingambitious to leavebut can't A girl with a dreambut just dreamin' it seemsnothing farther than that
    Its 2am and im writing this message to you, trying to figure out what to say cause Ive been mixing cups of vodka with nostalgia  Taking shots of the words that were promised 
This city continues to be a whirlwind of vibrancy. My thoughts are drenched with its very exsistence. So, rightfully, my deptarture shall be grand. May I stretch my legs and dance along the chiseled rooftops.
 Growing up i only had to fear the men in white hoods, to stand against the power of the truly colored people.
The word angel is hopeful
This smile that lies on this face, to some may be a saving grace Hope and joy wrapped up in a bundle, or the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel
For days on end she weeps in sorrow, In that lonely bed day after tomorrow, Her father hits, screams and kicks An abuser, Her father cannot seem to quit, Drowned in alcohol, Poisoned with smoke,
Funny story, true story, You tell me after class. Grabbing my arm to pull me aside, As we let the other students pass.   You have a problem, I say.  A serious issue.
Saw you again today. Made me insecure because I didn't know which I wanted to do more;
Playful, loving, full of energy. Golden fur and a long bronze tail. Capable of killing, But unwilling to do so.
  Ali, I don’t spend much time with you and I don’t cuddle enough. I do unendingly work. And sit at my desk. And maybe, once in a while slide in for a kiss when you nudge at my legs.
I represent the woman who chooses to wear a veil. Who has lived here for years and still only gets stares. She says, “Hello, how are you?” And all you can think is you’re not like me now that won’t do,
6/28/14 - 7/23/14   Had the time Wasted what I took advantage of Should've kept my head out of the clouds All our suffering Came at an unexpected time And so I fell Yes I cried
I have 4 little brothers Well 5 if you count my pain-in-the-butt little cousin
I'm addressing with the sunkissed slightly greenish hazel eyes and cherry blossom blushed with the dark berry skin tone and pure almond colored eyes... you with the corner store and liquor spots for teachers...
I want to let you know not just you, but them, too.
Can you hear me cry can you. hear me banging on the walls trying to get out to be heard you have to listen to the pain that ive suffered Listen in close can you hear fear raging in my bones
For Those Who Don't Know Me Please Listen Closely I am a person of flaws  And I am lost   I hide my identity behind a wall I look strong but I can easily fall
I am smart, I am brillaint. I am light hearted, I am kind. No one can hold me back, no one can tell me my goals are impossible. I laugh in the face of impossibility. For I know that I can achieve it.
Innocence was all she embodied. Pulled away from the safe havens she dreamt in Taken into the grim realities, a man's brutality.
I Wanted You To 
  Somtimes I want to fade way- Into the night. Go away, disappear- it'll be alright.
I look out across this rolling sea to find everyone looking back at me. No one really knows anyone here, all just trying to be liked and to fit in. Why? Why not just be ourselves?
You're so insecure and can't take a joke With emotions running all over the place I never hesitate to prod and poke
I can't breathe I'm surrounded by people  but I have never  been so alone   I feel the walls closing in around me  I'm shaking uncontrollably now   I'm scared
Sever my soul from my body, in hoping the words can help me to relate.
Dear Society,  
We are groups of people made to hate because of who we love not what we stand for. Did no one listen to  your parents? You treat others how you want to be treated not
What’s the purpose of owning opinions if you’re too afraid to show them? Humans are in need of a lesson;
Im talking but no one hears. If they hear, then no one listens. A shout into oblivion, A noise into a black hole, A voice with no receptor.
A simple no  Can mean life or death A simple yes  Can make a flower sprout or an old man fall   Is it red ? or is it blue? The decisions essential for life These decisions 
This is so difficult. It's lke the beautiful woman I know is trapped and frozed inside the iron armor that is her very own mind.
My constant desire is to put pen to paper.   ― But it’s not enough.   To be heard you have to get out there and do it yourself.   Make others listen.  
are the shadows chasing me or are they my slave? if i can trap darkness what does that make me? just the same as you. asking questions to improve on another persons point of view.
Men kneel to kings,         And kings kneel to gods.     And though no monarchy holds my allegiance, And no deity my faith,
A haiku... Robots rule the world Making decisions for us Capturing our brains   No longer can we Live freely and humanely Prisoners on Earth   What we created
I write for myself. I write because I never have the courage to speak to others about my thoughts, or my fears, worries, and stress.
The pages are vacant Rusted out With words washed clear by tear stains Emotional drought   Parched of recognition Potential glows and casts shadows of absent assistance
I think about you a lot, Momma. I wonder if you're okay. I wonder if you think about me, too. But I have some questions. Why did you pick up the bottle? Why didn't you stop?
tell the truth but tell it false success in obfuscation lies for truth makes wintry ill the spring and sickly pale our green delight;   like pleasant sleep to children
Sounding so perfect my "once upon a time" this journey began as a perfect rhyme   You drew on my emotions like honey for a bee how faultless my trust oh, how wrong I was soon to see
Lately, I’ve been writing to feel more human. I’ve been writing to feel closer to humanity. These days I’ve been feeling like a mere pebble Lost in a tragically made rock garden
Dilute my ways, they try But when written in text it's as sacred as the bible's psalm I hold each story captive Each poem is my soul's refuge I give voice to the intangible You never knew her
We see him walking down the empty streets He looks just like us, 2 hands and 2 feet. Maybe he's strong, or, maybe he's weak But no matter what, people call him a freak There's one thing they're thinking:
If you're in it Then own it.    Every facet    Every detail    Every store tag    Sale or retail If you bought it Then own it.   And not just the poppin' collar
You fell in love with a girl whom saw from right and wrong. Who passed many footsteps in her life, And knew what was going on.
"Yeah, I was a pretty great ball player." "Uh-huh." "Yeah, my parents take me and my friends to Florida every year." "Awesome." "Yeah, I've never had to work a day in my life." "I figured."
  It's an escape I sigh in relief as I bend over my notebook Pen scratching away
Best Friends. That was what we were at first.  And sometimes I wished that’s all we were. But it’s too late now. You made me laugh like no one else could. You gave me butterflies like no one else would.
The darkness is taking over my thoughts, I try to escape, but I can't. I'm drowning in a pool of my own madness. I can't seem to keep my head above water. No matter how hard I swim,
Unconventional woman, let's do lunch. Let me tell you, you are loved. 
  I find myself staying up late at night No end to my destructive worries. Jumping from one topic to another in my racing mind.
From first glance people automatically assume
What will it take for you to see that I just want to be. A friend, not a lover, cause I know you have another. Understand ? or is that to hard to comprehend, that a guy can just be. I just want to be.
I am from dinnersAlways surrounded by familyFrom old stories of favorite childhood memoriesAlways fun to revisitI am from the smell of bar-be-que in the summerAnd the tree swing and hammock in the backyard
Hello future
Welcome to my world, Where school is a prison, prison is a job, and well, love is as useful as the gum on the bottom of your shoe. Welcoome to my world of discrimination, crime, suspense, and stupidity.
We all want to be loved But what is love if we're all blind Not able to see their mistakes We think our partner is perfect I guess we're just too kind We don't umderstand why
I'm stuck, you see. Stuck inside this mind, this body,this life.
A silent mantra of the hands. The strands of my hair creating a lovely rhythm of   over,   over,   over. I crave the relaxation brought upon by the feel of conditioned hair on my soft skin.
They said I would find a boy to kiss away my tears, that there would be someone to hold back my hair as I purge the too small meal. They said that the scars would make me a survivor,
  You move me the way the moon moves the ocean
A baby, that doesn't cry. No control. A child, that doesn't speak. Timid and shy. A teen, afraid to speak. Isolated and alienated. Feeling misunderstood. Fear of being uninteresting.
Darkness Lost in the shadows
You know what? You are absolutely right. I'm not the skinniest, thickest, apart of the group of five stars, dimes, and bad bitches I am a real woman
Can't you see I'm trying my hardest? That I'm giving all I've got? One more sprint one more suicide
My words may struggle through my mouth But they flow through my pen Like a refreshing summer breeze My words crafted in ink spells out life In a sophisticated and intelligent manner
Momma said there would be days like this but she didn't quite explain how it would be she didn't explain that my heart would pour out onto the concrete..
Writing gives off this liberating feeling The way that faith can do some healing Eyes and mind of a soul In a sense, losing all control Emotions pouring out Words fill the blank space without doubt  
The eyes of the mindThe heart and even the soulA mirror's imageReflectionOf what resides insideThe taste of a vision
Rise like the sun Bloom as a blossom does Open your arms wide Just as the sky   Live as the earth   Move like a wave of the sea
If you asked me why it bothered me so,
"I write to convey my thoughts on what I see in the world,all of the pains, hypocrisy, and all eschalons of beauty, especially that in nature.
The reason why I try to hide 
When words can't explain my frustration on how a boy can change your mine completely 
I am not a strong poet nor a good storyteller,so please do not expect a sonnet or anything stellar.What I am about to type is nothing but a mere thought,A youngster at ten I thought these thoughts I sought to fought
Two words, one meaning: gratitude.   Thank you.  
You won’t like the world of control we live in, Unless you hold it in your paternal palm.   Born new and pink and wrinkled and crying, Knowing that this world wasn’t meant for me.
Those memories with you
And he said that I did most things like I drove, like wildfire. And I shivered despite the searing heat.  
1.      I never thought you
I've been strong for too long.
We long to be accepted Whether by society, the media, or family I scream out loud but nothing comes out I am a human, I am my own being I do not conform to what society wants
Our E.T (Ending Truth)   We are not the only ones, That’s selfish to think so, Billions of planets,
Theres days when I fall and can't get back up  only to find a solution for me finding my balance again 
Verse 1: We taint the air with idle words Cause sticks and stones hurt the most What’s a jab to the bird? What’s a duel to a roast? Shoot….    
I tossed and turned.
  my mom always warned me about the drugs on the street
My life, is great compared to some others, There is no logic for me to worry, I am loved by both father and mother, Thanks to whom, I never need to hurry.   Yet I live in the world, surrounded by:
It's a whirlwind, you feel like you no longer are in control of your heart because you gave it away unintentionally. It feels like constant emotion of happiness and want.
As this day became the most worst of all
A dad full of push, a mom full hope.. If I don't make it out, Then thats all she wrote. Gotta go to school, Get a good education That's just society's ex-spec-tations I think about the cause..
I prayed that I was dreaming When I saw that big wave The water was not normal But as dark as a cave It was full of weird greens and reds and blacks
I’m confused in this world. My Parents tell me one thing And my friends tell me another. I watch all the movies. I thought what I was feeling was real. What happened to love, live life.
It would be blissful to feel your presence as I walk across the stage, It is quite a shame you could not watch me become a better man the older I age, The persistance to fight through agony and reject all the blasphemy,
I wonder to myself how you are still here When thinking of you made me shed tears Knowing that you might fade away Wanting you to stay But then light appears Brightening the atmosphere
There is nothing like being thirsty.   If you haven't been, I couldn't tell you. First you salivate You start to fantasize about cold springs, surrounded by bees and little flowers.
Teardrops form my outer surface-a flowing stream on a stormy night Levels of loneliness build layers into my inner surface Your soft delicate lips mouthing my name
As I opened my eyes he was there, Like a flash of lightning then whisped away in a second; I waited and waited And to my despair I was left standing there, Surrounded by the darkness in my wake.
Reach through the crack above your horizons.   Breathe the mellow flower that sprinkle beauty upon your arrival.   Oh soul speak through me so that I touch thee young children in abundant ways
"Look at THAT girl! She has cuts on her hips. There are tears in her eyes and a prayer on her lips. What can we do? Is there anything we can say? Should we hold her really tight and tell her things will be ok?
So tired o
I write to worship Jesus These poems are my praises And through these written words My reverence raises.
One look in a glass of observations melts into the specificity of a face that gives way to different people, experiences, places collectively accumulating into this walking jumble 
 That morning I woke up alone.  I was surprised there was no "Steve Harvey" Morning Show on the radio playing amongst the morning presense.  No "Strawbwerry Letter" with laughter in the background.  It was quie
Life is like a beach, until you've been down to the river Forced in through the currents, just to see if you're a swimmer Just open up your eyes, and see the world is being withered
A whispered word Rushing sun beneath my skin Like provenance   Sacrifice self for Construct of self-awareness Allow genesis
Life, with its joyous song, is ever bright. The symphony is rich and full and strong. It plays in the summer’s resplendent light, While birds are chirping their resounding song.
A young, unknowing, motherless child Is raised by her father, is unladylike and wild. She plays outside in overalls, Until dinner is ready, and Calpurnia calls. She’s old enough now and goes to school,
I open my eyes to the vast, glorious sight of the ocean. The seemingly impenetrable, endless blanket of water stretches on and on, And the waves ripple in a calm, soothing motion.
I ate a bug this morning, by accident. I suppose it will be my new inhabitant. I do wonder, while crawling through my body, what it will find. Will it lurk in my mouth or creep through my mind?
There is a buzzing in my head. There’s a fluttering, flapping, swishing noise in my head. There is a buzzing in my head. I don’t think you get it. There is a BUZZING in my HEAD.
I would like to be alone
Lonely Lovers      spread over sliced bread                 Catching white moonlight           In their hands,           In their hearts,                        Heavy hearts. Swimming
Born to a home I don't belong, Where nothing is right and everything's wrong. An alcoholic mistake is what I am; One Summer Hummer too many, I was not part of the plan.  
I am a piece  of meat. One that men stare hungerly ready to devor with hunger. I am a piece of meat 
  I’m trying to be loud, But it seems like you can’t hear a sound Yet my words are profound.   It might be the music that doesn’t let you listen
This is for the people. This is for MY people. This is for the people who see the possibilities, know their capabilities, love their personality, those who have the tendency, the decency to be themselves.
In another act of this blood marked play, Two lives end for the life of another. While a maiden's love had blossomed that day, Bad news arrives from figure like-mother.   The Maiden in sorrow, wishes to see
Has anyone seen such a beautiful sight?
What does it mean to be successful? The thought alone can be stressful If you ponder too long and even start to prolong
You know what they say... Communication is key. Why speak? To be heard!
Think before you tell meI'm not pretty,
Diversity is an aspect of be
The constant dialogue of a girl and herself 
They never know. They never do. They only speak on impulse. They cannot seem to comprehend the motives for their insults.   A chuckle here. A giggle there, to break what has been broken.
I need an escape, all of this pain bottled up inside of me. Tears waiting to burst out. I've cried a river, but there's still an ocean left. Hurt and confused. Life is a living hell, can't you see?
  O lost and forgotten ones, Thou and thy daughters and sons, Thou that lived, and breathed, and died, And spoke, and laughed, and cried. O poor and broken heart,
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
You can put pipes to a crack rock.
If my heart had a quill and an inkwell, ’Twould scribble without end, night and day. Had it but a voice, it would sing, tell All, everything I would say.   But my restless pen gets set down, how
We all find God in the strangest of places: in the dark, in the day, and in empty spaces, But we're all looking out while He's looking in in our heads, in our hearts, and in our very skin.
Open your eyes sunshine, roll out of bed. It’s time to start a new day. A fresh start.   Brush your teeth so that they will be able to stand near you.
Thier eyes, their faces, their expressions. That's what makes me speak out.
One Job Could Change My Life......But that one job could also change yours,do you have a family member so sick it gets on your nerves,you don't know what to do,
Grow up. You're still a child. I wish the pull of these currents weren't so wild. I'm stuck trying to fly but being tied down. I wish you would make up your mind.
Lonely, hurt, and confused. How could you leave me when I needed you? Before becoming friends with me you had no one but now you have others and I think it's funny how you treat me like a dog. You've become so greedy like a hog.
Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes ugly. A huge part of our society. The pressure is everywhere it seems. Radios, TV's and the internet. No one ever plans but sometimes it happens on the night first met.
As a child we think we will grow old. As a child we believe everything we are told. Like one true loves and fairytales. No one ever speaks about the breakups, deaths, or fails. I miss being a child.
Money. It comes from trees and buys us things. It makes us do things without one doubt. Things we normally wouldn't even think about. It helps buy medicines and groceries too but when did it become a part of you?
they ask me why do i understand so much and i answer well those who are misunderstood are the most understanding and the people who knows what it feels like to not be heard ar the ones who hear the amost
Who do I write for you ask?   Well, life doesn’t stop when you’re tired Or when you’re sick Or mired In all of the work, the relationships, the demands It snowballs and grows
If I were the Moon
Love A four letter word that we say to one another. We make it, give it, or take it from one another. God's greatest commandment was Love.  So why do we abuse it?
Tongue-tied with fraying ends,The words sputter out like exhaustBlackening my vision and muddling my thoughts.Lost in translationI cannot speak coherently in front of…Of anyone really.
Shades and fractals of brown in her eyes, like the innermost part of a tree. To me, she’s like a teak tree. Strong and elegant.
I want it to be heard by the mother to consumed in her own emotions       angry with the world the step father forever in depression       just trying to make it through the day
I've always loved to write ever since I was young My paper understood me no questions to be hung   Drawing letters with my ink pen My story shouted, my story told
In the past, I was the one that was intelligent. I was the quiet one. I was the teacher’s pet. I was criticized for being a girl on the drumline. I was the one that played too soft. I was the liked one.
This... This is settling. Sitting here with you Staring at this static fuzz on the TV screen, Listless, blank, and melancholy. We gave up so long ago,
I write to you today
As I write these lines I hope it revives The past generations, the past lives To realize scrutinizes what Im about to say. If I were to be heard, it would be now. But in the past.
the though
I know exactly who I want to be But the person I've been has a strong hold on me
  I looked out my window and up at the sky. I saw the stars gleaming in the night. I looked carefully among the stars to find the different constellations,
we spend, so much time wondering, why we're not good enough,
Foreward: Below is an account of my actions and feelings upon learning the loss of a friend.
This world is not my home These people I walk among Dream out loud Defining themselves by what they dream
I am strong I've been strong for a while, Like a warrior; pretending I was Mulan with darker skin Because back then, the kids loved to play pretend and I was solid.
Hate a power so evil it can kill an entire race. Hate the darkest of forces mankind has ever created. Hate If it doesn't take your life it will take your soul. Hate
don’t wanna be your darling some fragile little puppet following your every command
Come live with me and be my love,
Racism it's everywhere We try to avoid it To hide it  To fight it  To kill it But the truth of the matter is, We can't It takes a team effort not one
There are hands we hold in times of need Hands we clap in times of glee
People say that  drunken words  are  sober thoughts. They say when people drink, they release all inhibitions, and the  words flow  from their mouth  almost  as smoothly 
Can I still be heard? Being the white girl with parents still married, a car, a job, and endless opportunities?   Can I still be broken?
I don't know why there are so many pictures of you and us
Now I said, "This is strength. This is how you plow through. With a baby on your hip, and a husband packing his bags. Leaving forever. Forgetting how much he loved you. Leaving nothing behind,
Good morning babe. The sun isn't shining yet, but my eyes are shining for you. The wind isn't beating yet, but my heart is beating for you. The world isn't breathing yet,
There is a mess, a clutter, a crowd that she found, A thing that we run from that follows her  around. A climax, a friction, a trick that she believed- A gift that she thought that she had received.
and suddenly, the glass broke. your tinted windows fell away and I finally saw behind the veil. your wall crumbled, your shell cracked, and I could see the skeletons in your closet.
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
It drove her mad.  To lunacy occasionally, when occasionally meant most days. She did not know how to remove it.
Blue eyes are bluer just before they cry It doesn't matter how hard I try there will never be a flare with a girl who has no hair.
No matter what I do or say People always take it the wrong way.   They never listen to my words, to my heart So I scream inside of my art.   I write like it's the only way I can talk
Have you ever heard those birds in the morning? Early, when the sun is rising and they are clearly up way to soon, And you wish you had soundproofing in your bedroom
  At some point in your life you think, who am I? Why am I here?  Who have I become?   You start to realize how miserable you are.   You start to feel alone and empty inside.   Will it get better?   You think.
What makes me tick is nothing you can see Nothing you can grasp Because its inside of me That negative bug It lives in my brain You can't hear it But it drives me insane
I always thought you had raised me to be A well-behaved daughter whom you could trust. Clearly I assumed so mistakenly. You think I am consumed by teenage lust.   Junior in high school before my first date
  The Broken Circle
Here writing forward A foreword for few Backwords they're bleaching Words back to debut   In a book full of puzzles Muzzle not the writer Lighter of fires Buyers of drinks  
Ding. A mallet comes down on the railroad track. Ding.  A bead of sweat travels down my forehead and rolls down my neck. Ding. Another stretch of railway is laid for people much richer than I. Ding.
Many People have cravings in life. I crave to be heard. I crave to shout. I crave to go outside and make a difference everyday. I crave to be different and bold. I crave to not waste a minute of my life.
The pitter patter of my heart suddenly increases. Sweat quickly invades the palms of my hands. Heat caresses the caramel pigment of my cheeks
Dreaded words that no one longs to hear                                                      Echo                                                                              Echo
She deserved brokenness  Like a caged bird  Deserves a key.    She took those shards of herself And with them  She was set free.    She soared above 
What makes me tick,itch, scrub, and spit What makes me tick An Aunt who cares only of her image but not her happiness What makes me itch A husband of a strong provider who turns his back and sleeps with another
Like a caged bird, I pretend to be happy I have to be the perfect daughter, friend, student and girl Like a caged bird, I am left alone No one seems to acknowledge the fact that I feel isolated from society
I am an optimistic soul I wonder about my past I hear the time keepers hands I see my future I want to start over I am a prisoner of time
"Who are you?" My family had no clue who I am, And it crushed me every time. They were scared, not knowing where they were. I'm scared I'm next. They struggled to remember.
The pain is torture enough. It hurts to see life from day to day. I wish I was painless so I can go to sleep and be a kid again. This painless life is something else isn't it?
I am no child I am an investment. I am no human I am a number. There is no love Only obligation. And beauty   is but a broken compass of the heart.  
The Hand of God
Roses never fail to impress,
I write to the Little Girl in the Future. In case you have forgotten... In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past
First I want to start off with “IM SORRY” I was angry, upset, devastated knowing that you were going through some serious shit that I didn’t have any control over.
An exhausted mother gently lifted her child out of his crib and cradled her small baby boy with periwinkle eyes that fluttered like butterfly wings.
Turn back the pages of spring, when the garden was beginning to bloom and every life was new but for the towering trees that reigned.
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
Please listen,  there are things in this world that you don't understand,  the voice in my head,  the pain in your hands.  Please open your eyes,  the things here are real, 
The media tells you to "be different" from everyone else. But if everyone were to strife for distinction, would there be not some commonality extant? Magazines try to portray the quintessential and
We both jumped. Before we even knew What we were jumping into Too eager to fall in love Without knowing what it feels like To love And to be loved   As we fell we learned
people often ask me "why are you so quiet?" I laugh softly.  my mind is not a quiet place   I learn more from listening  than anyone has ever learned  from proclamations and empty speeches.
She’s 16 and sad, But in love all the same. He walked into her life,  And with him, violence came.   First it was smiles, And a love confession. But the jealousy and control,
Please eat... I hear their silent plea. Eyes look at me carefully. I smile gracefully but can't tame the voice inside of me. "No thanks. I'll have coffee." Can't they leave me be? Getting thin has a fee but I'm not scared. Can't they see?
The Past Something we all have But we all don't wish to remember Something that can make us Or break us The Past Something that holds our strongest memories But how strong they are
He sat in the best seats And everyone adored him. The instructors recognized his glory, And I sat behind him.  
Upendo; I miss you Your not just simple attraction, you know That feeling you feel when someone your feeling is feeling you Up
its messyand hard to breathebut we lovethe way we livewe both knowI like it the mostwhen we lovein shapes with no straight lines 
People need help everyday, and it never comes. Millions are starving but we do not hear their cries. Instead we are concerned with our hair and our clothes.
Anyone I have ever loved is a ghost I keep alive in my notebookBy feeding them the ink from my ball point pen,And let them sleep between the college ruled lines likeSome sort ofInhumane bunk bed.
The hangdog drops, they plunge in pure For fifty feet or so at least, And plummet to their deaths insured As they themselves become decreased, Destruction thus secured.  
What makes me tick you say? Its the help I say. Financial help is what I crave Student loans are what I grave. 1000 dollars is a lot you see. it can help me pay off college for at least my bachelor's degree.
I write for change.  In hopes that someone at the top of the societal hierarchal strucutre will read and consider the life of someone so different from their self.   I write for peace.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
i open up my broken heart,
Darkest Pink,
Im so numb,
She smiles and laughs like she is strong.
To commit a Murder.
The lithium for dying days,
There's a world outside this hell-hole that I now live. I've been dreaming about it since I was in the second grade, This world is busy yet calming , This world has opportunity and exotic people.
This Moment -Angela M Coen   This moment we live in
  I felt it when his eyes first locked on my own. Electricity, surging like volts, straight to the bone.
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
“what are you?”
I think suicidal people are just angels that want to go home.  
I love you more than words can say.
today's your birthday and Fathers Day with everything that's happened i know you'd be speechless it's hard to think of what to say I feel like since you've been gone our family has been a mess
I think about how we used to be Then I get stuck in my misery I still remember the way you used to look at me & how all those feelings came free  But now things will never be the same
I want to be heard!  I want my words, my screams and shouts to be heard by everyone. 
If you look to your feet, You will see a large sight, This you might not know , But don't let it give you a fright.   For if you look to your feet,
there are demons in her brain eating away gnawing and chewing and crunching telling her she's nothing breaking her down piece by
Dear teenage girls, Marc Jacobs once said, "Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn't about being naked." Dear thirteen year old girl in line in front of me at forever 21,
FIELD OF DREAMS: by That Dope Poetess(KP)  
Only my echo responds. "Oh," it says. "Anything else?" I stop.  I did not expect a question in return. "No.  I just wanted to be heard." "Oh.  Well, I heard you."
What a world we live in The things I see Everything is hard The struggles we meet Nothing is easy as my parents would say
"Rhymes." you whispered, "Write me rhymes... There's no other good kind of poetry." It's amazing how little you see when you look. Poetry isn't simply words on paper. It isn't just thoughts from someone's head.
Does anybody up in here have a story to tell or is it just me  You know me growing up being the lawyer that I want to be or me growing up being another menace to society
From time to time i like to just lay
If I see what nobody else sees, I’ll be labeled with the crazies. Even if reality is what one perceives, If there’s nobody to share it with, It might as well be a myth. Reality becomes a hallucination
I'm just 18. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" They ask. They expect a simple answer: doctor, teacher, lawyer. How do I tell them that all I want is to make a difference.
{In this galaxy, you may not recognize yourself, be careful where you whisper, and who you ask for help. If the moonflash makes you ignite, while raindrop kisses fall,
Ten Thoughts on Loving a Transgender Boy   One: His hands are soft. Softness like that after years of Dishwashing and viola lessons Feels like a miracle.   Two:
Close your eyes, my dear. Let the breeze from the window tickle across your cheeks and flutter your eyes till you fall asleep. The day has been long, you have been strong, wrestling through the weeds,
The beauty of nature puts me at peace, and as I observe it, my sadness will cease.  I look at the sky, watching cardinals whiz by, and the bulk of my stress is released.  From worry to wonder, my anxiety plunders, when I close my eyes and just br
Honestly, I have never consciously though of who I am writing for. I think it is always for different people. I try not to go back and read what I write. It almost feels as if I am invading someone's privacy.
Silent as the wind pure as the first winter's snow is my love for you
I used to keep my aspirations in a small white book with a round silver lock. Hidden, under my bed these were my dreams I could not speak about.
The Sky is mine.  You can take,  My land, my home, my books,  My eyes and ears,  But the sky is mine.   Take away sound and sight,  Yet let me be, let me know, 
  The clock is ticking I hope you're on your mark, Laps around the track, sprints down the court or in the park, Man it's hard when your coach is watching you,
  What is a case without evidence or  fingerprints left behind, Months of trials can make one lose his mind, Heart racing, palms clammy because he might face time in the county jail,
I need no megaphone, My pen is enough. My lips may be sealed, By string or by glue, But my pen will not be silenced, No matter what they may do. With or without reputation, I write to be heard.
I need no megaphone, My pen is enough. My lips may be sealed, By string or by glue, But my pen will not be silenced, No matter what they may do. With or without reputation, I write to be heard.
Now that  i've come to think of you and I. I've come to realize that fate either holds or ties. So when I come to you  when it's time. I only wish you can come along with no sad eyes
I wonder what would happen if WE. BOUNCE. BACK Like the elasticity of elastic bands being stretched by heavy hands Lassoing nappy strands running amuck like wild stallions We, are wild ones
You walk around without a care in the world Stress free No responsibility. Tick tick there goes my annoyance.   Freedom of speech is no stranger to you No consequences for not biting your tongue
Look at the small tangible Person in your arms. So unique. So different. Soften as she warms. Yet her heart cold as ice Thunders as it storms. Never to break the habbit Of causing herself harm.
It must be nice to walk in the hall.
Warmth all to your toes Like a cozy cup of tea A blanket of sleeves     (poetry slam tag)  speak your mind slam
Behind your eyes forever lies A wild array of fireflies That flutter through my mind’s long nights That slow me down and wrong my rights The way you smirked and touched your hair
That tar that you spit, embellishes oppression Not uncovering another beauty only truly shielding it, no resting Constant stressing about the matters of geography
A pen in hand and looking 'round the room, Ideas will come but do not last. I look For inspiration, what to say to you. Then thoughts begin to flood my mind. The books Of fairy tales and dogs in trees, the times
Live in the present not in the past, don't be concerned with the things that you never had.
Everyone Dreams But I dream differently Everyone wants to achieve But I want it vividly Family is my motivation
A military vet you were I hearwith a mother in the gardena father swinging in dead airno mystery why they found you swirling in rags and sharp metalbut it's the spawn of two mothers that truly blew the kettle
  Mama, mama, mama Can you hear me call your name I have grown mama, I’m really not the same
I'm living in obscurity, I live with insecurities, My flaws have clouded my vision Now I'm blinded by imperfection. I'm on the outside looking in Cause I don't meet society's qualifications,
I'll wish for you on every shooting star, and even though we're far apart just know you'll always have
I'm beautiful because I know it. im beautiful because I don't have to flaunt it. I'm beautiful because someone doesn't have to tell me.
What society tells black women is a catastrophe, that we must dress half naked to be considered worthy, the diction that is used intertwines like a rapid growing grape vine around our mind, exploiting our inner thought
Understand that life has changes New chapters come, we are forced to turn like pages Some of us we are ageless but overcame by pain and sorrow we ask ourselves "How can we change this?"
You see, the truth is that I've failed. I tried everything that I could. I wanted them to hear me.
The old and the brokenAre out-spoken though never heardNo one sees they're out-goin'When they're un-brokenAre they old and broken?Or are they young and miss-spoken?
Powerful words, brokenhearted prayers. Realistic hopes lost in a sea of deep dreams. Everlasting adoration mixed with eternal anguish. Colorful curses shared in times of trial.
What is this life we live? We can’t get back the time of day We learn, we work, we suffer We give our precious time away The memories we make The lessons that we learn
Growing up- Broken- BeatenActing like nothings wrongCan't you see I'm crying- hurting?Acting out just to see your longface staring back at me.See that look in your eyesHow much you wish that
My education.  What I've dreamed of from day one. What you've dreamed of since before that.  What I'm going out to grab and never release.    You've always told everyone I would get out of my home
i thought i could do it right for once i thought i was right- for once
Lost in the voices unoriginality  Just be who you are 
Night for dreaming. Day for living. Day and night teaming. However, dreaming at night seems misgiving.   At night, thoughts come wondering like I am lost. Like thinking of you is a crime.
You can be who you want
I am a force to be reckoned with. I seize emotions, Dazzle with my inner chaos, And topple egos.
You constantly bug me and ask me whats wrongNot knowing you were the problem all alongThis pain has turned my heart coldSo cold it has blackened my soul
One time I came home from a ni
One time I came home from a ni
Deception and dupery blended w
They were singing in the pagod
Im done with youFed up with the pain you put me throughBlood continues to pour from the stabs in my backFeelings worn on my arm, as if it were a tat
Christmas trees being cut down
Imagine a love that is wholesome and pure, with no pretenses or thoughts unsure. A love that when it rains, smiles fall from the clouds, and roses bloom where there were weeds before.
The only sweater that I ever l
You can try to inch your way into my heart, but I'm only interested in numero uno. Besides you're all liars, cheaters, and non-believers. So why should you even try. Its just you, me and me. Me being the first, you being the last.
You grace me with your presence Your love and your wisdom, You don’t know how much stronger I am, Because you were there to help me learn.   I am all that I am, Because you took the time.
  Why do you not see The heart in me. You seem to hear But not with your ear.   You think you know And you reap what you sow. Assuming what is true
In two years I watched my 6 foot, 240 pound father waste away to a ghost At 14 I woke up everyday and went to school knowing he was sick I cried with him when he lost his hair
We love to hate but hate to love everyday i watch girls cover their face with make-up we pour ourselves into our jeans  trying to fit the mold of what we think we should be
Bacon and scrambled eggs We're served bacon and scrambled eggs on the special day Scrambled Eggs; Fluffy, unlike the bed my dad has to sleep on every night Yellow, matching the ribbon that is used to support him
I stare at myself in the mirror,  And the image looking back at me is one that is disappointing,  I look in the mirror and the body that appears infront of me,  does not match my mind.  
How do you say freedom in a language you can understand?Freedom from a bondage foreign to my warrior heartWe are a goddess forged by hips that would break you
The fist-shaped organ has been through ups and downs, Deprived of strength, taken for granite. Invisible to the body, alive to the intellect; Alive to emotion.
Darling, when did the blurry claims manipulated youto focus on distorted idea of perfection?You started noticing the smallest flaws
I wonder when it all changed….
A clandestine poison. A toxin that's injected by choice. A choice that seeps deep into the blood stream-evicting the soul that I once loved.
They say that it’s a ruse, a scheme,
Lay me down in a field of wild flowers, Take me away with your magical powers. To a place where there is no pain, To a place where there is no hurt. A place where I can be free,
Tap, tap, my foot hovers the gas. One way road, Too illegal to pass. Take off your cruise control mode.   It's forty five, You swerve to the right,
You are and always will be my favorite uncle
When one dies, does their soul silently disperse from their empty socket called the body? Does one go to hell judging by their sins where they will spend eternity rotting in hell?
Adrenaline pumps as a worry wart scurries, preparing the utter but cruel fate of the "real" world.  Tick tock, a race against the clock, call me White Rabbit as I tend to fret for the minute feelings in a myriad of ways.
Today is the day I must perform I wake up in the morning and look outside The sun's out. Does that mean I'll be good or-- Will the opposite occur?  Its time to go... I drive past homes and stores,
There she goes What does her life show She is happy and she smiles But when she goes home, it only lasts for a while
Look at me. No, really. Look at ME. I'm an more than mere paper, test scores, or hobbies. I am more than dollar signs, numbers, and GPAs. Brown eyes, like the boxes for my books.
Turbulent veins Ancient toxins flowing
You tear me apart, you quiet, quiet heart
My soul bleeds onto the paper with each word released from the pen in my hand. In a dark room. An empty room. Only me and the voice inside my head—or is it the voice inside my heart?  
The constant thoughts in my head won't go away. From when I go to sleep To when I wake up, If I even get any sleep at all. I look at things differently now since the change happened.
I was born into a fascade, molded to imperfection. In the first year of my birth, two parents were there. Then a change occured leaving me only one to spare. Grew up with lies, expressed through deceit.
I hate it. I am not a fat, lazy Pig Just because I won't kick a ball around a field And get sweaty and Stink of grass. I am not a fat, lazy Pig
Early one Tuesday morning in 1996, their one and only child arrived. On November 5th, Avis and Robert Hughley were blessed with a son, Robert Hughley, Jr.
How can things be so difficult one minute, but then dissolve into something so pure? How do people look over the beauty of mistakes and only focus on the bad and evil perspectives?
There was a chill in the wind that night, one like no other. The darkness made it hard for sight,
The way I felt that day I will never forgetYou will never be someone I regret
When I speak of love I aim my voiceto my parents who brought me hereand taught me how to deal with the cruelties of the world,my freshman year english teacher who cared even after I left
I am a boy, brought into this world I live in a house which is filled with girls (my sisters) With no father around to guide me to see The man that I was never taught to be
 I was given a bagWith 5 arrows insideA bow in my handAnd a whisper, "Now hide"My heels leave the Earth
These things really do happen. We're told our whole lives that if we dream it, we can make it happen Stick with that sport, hobbie, job or talent and it will eventually happen
I think I’ve seen you in my dreams before I remember red rose buds at your feet As I drifted with the tide down the shore Your coy whispers running over repeat The windows to your soul like kryptonite
She used to be the sweetest girl ever, but her life became stuck in a sour chapter. She cries as she lies wide awake at night. Trying to keep her mind from losing this fight.
At some point there comes a time where we have the talk with our parents The talk about success and at some point we all choose to digress
Nothing.   That’s all I feel anymore. Just blank pages. Blank faces. Blank canvases. Blank. Blank. Blank.   All I hear is static. Static TV. Static voices.
If you try to mold me
This is between the two of us: a rift. A raft, and a river. A ribbon of word, ear to ear, half to half, space to sky. 
What is MY Purpose? Is it to be labeled different? Is it to be seen and then ridiculed?
Call my name, I’ll struggle to hear your voice. Repeat after me:  “This is it, this is…” Ev’ry day, I pray this is not my choice. And if only I could, I’d make it his.  
Does it always have to be me? The girl who picks people up; Who gives the encouragement that everything is going to be okay.
I was thinking back tonight About my days spent in the dark Wihout His light Without His grace And I began to wonder How people saw me Back before I was saved  
A child so happy Smiling everyday Lot amount of friends
Eyes blink shut into protective blackness as a steadying breath sputters out at my lips. The blood pulses in my ears a drum beat, a mind-clouding rhythm. I search my mind for words
Why is there so much hate in this world? Everywhere I lend an ear I hear insults about a HUMAN...being  just that. HUMAN Being: too straight, too gay, so black, so white
he said i cant believe it would you ever no she wouldnt america the free is gone we've ruined it degenerate
I love you, I feel you, Your pain is my pain. I pray for you, I think of you often, I would grow taller than the tallest mountain for you. If you could peer into my deepest hopes and dreams,
Me and you have created a special bond as of late. All of these nights I've spent thinking and writing have been accompanied by you. You've given me light. You've given me peace of mind.
We all wish we could start over;Go back in time and begin anew.Try as we may, we just cannot.This we know, but regret to believe.Everyone wants one more moment.
We all struggle with the same thing So why do some have more suffering? Why does the middle get a bad ring?  
As I sit down once again, in front of the old computer with the whirring fan My fingers begin to hit the black keys, each one a small click That make an musical orchestra of words  
  10 20 50 200 They add up And I know Subconsciously calculating I can feel them Growing The food goes in And I feel it weigh me down 200 50 20
What is a woman? She is a Warrior spirit. Dauntless and resolute. She is
Let the asystole Voice the matter at hand The mind of she who wishes To broadcast her innermost thoughts Her suppressed desires Goals, methods, plans But fear the shatter
Green shirt, greener eyes He walks in the room and it's no surprise  The life of the party That smile? It could save me   A voice that could drown out all the rest
  Lies are how I hide  Lies are how I channeled my pride I could lie as real as watching a car wreck in your face I lied when I believed that no lie could be traced
Long ago, the fire was dwindling With a roar, it kindled and manifested might That devastating roar was realization; I wasn’t truly alive   This is the element of my sign:
Momma said when it comes to my subject matter Always speak the truth on real subjects that really matter  When I'd be in pain she'd always ask baby what's the matter
He longingly stared across the room at the girl with the fire red hair. Her beautiful smile and contagious laugh drew him to her like a moth to flame.
Cute, small, loving and always on my mind. My dog will forever be by my side. My dog is rare she is one of a kind, I will hope that we will never divide.   You would be surprised by how much I care,
Her legs shake as her hands sweat Looking at all she have left She pick up the needle and slap her arm so her vain show She induce the substance as she start to feel low She lean back and try to train her thought
There come a time in every man’s life Where he learns about who he is destined to be Some day he will take on a wife As he choose her and she choose he
I want to live in the Time Before.  The magical realm that only exists in pictures and the smiling faces of our memories. The time when the world was sweet and we were strong and whole.
   Bodies in the sand, tight skin, shining eyes, messy hair,taute lips  kissed by the sunsrise. New life, wet air, rapid breathes pumping blood wide steps,big dreams.wet cheeks a rushing flood.
I hope to meet my soulmate soon. I hope he is perfect in every way for me. I hope he is openminded, funny, respectful and kind. I hope he will give me foot massages and cuddle with me on cold nights.
I'm sorry I broke your heartsI'm sorry I disappointed youI'm sorry you were ashamed of meI'm sorry I left you.
My brain was stupidMy heart was blindMy body was fat.I would do anything to leave.
No one understands my agony insideMe. Myself.No one will truly know e.
I was stuck in the big vast ocean.
You Killed
He runs too muchDusk til dawnHe's crazy.  
I am too hard to love,Too hard to comfort.
You're still in my dreams...What does this mean?
You didn't give me butterflies in my stomach.You gave me fireworks.  
I have so much on my mind and i'm runnng out of time don't even know my next line got the world on my shoulders  and i'm bout to fall over can you see the stress in my eyes?
Adrenaline courses coldly through my veins. My body responds, my voice fails I said the wrong thing. Now he's mad, no, furious i quickly disengage my vocal cords, refusing any other words to flow out of my mouth
Every night I wait for you to come back You promised to never leave me again, over and over When you finally waltz in the door you reek of crack Today I try to ask why, you respond by giving me a smack
Guns don't kill people freedom does  how many have died under liberty's judge do we call it freedom because their minds are freed from earthly restriction
Black. No longer just a skin color but a culture. No longer a protective covering but a name by which any other race Must refer to as “African American.”
I don't know how it all started But it feels like it happened really fast Your spell was cast It feels like this hold wil last I don't wamt to love you like I do Because my love for you consumes
His hands reach for mine. They reach for a part of my soul That I keep Guarded, Untouched. He yearns for it, And I for him. Yet, I do not lust for his soul, Like mine;
The perfect firstborn Well taught and followed the rules
Cry little girl.Run and hide.Huddle back into your trenchesWhere the voices lieAnd tell youThat it's safeTo sleep.
How could you?! Do you have any idea? Do you even know? That you are breaking your child? Your OWN child Your own flesh and blood! Do you feel no remorse? Do you even have a heart?
It happened in the dead of night, Watching TV in the quiet. Out of nowhere the phone starts ringing, She hears her mother in a riot.  
Everyone talks about what it's like for them How difficult they have it Why the world is unfair to them and why they need to catch a break   I'm not one of those people I'm not poor or rich
Alone. Alone. Alone.    He walks away slowly, lost but not gone. My face burns with acid; my fists are solid stone.   Alone. Alone. Alone.   
One and only friend sometimes by my side.  
Many think that strenth lies within a number on a wieght. The truth is strength is measured within the mind. The mind of an ordinary person who has carried more than they can. Who has survived the storm.
I have always been the one left out. I would speak, but i was never heard. I would stand up, but get slammed down. With all the unheard words and the put downs.
Lay me down on this gorgoeus night. 
I want to learn from the atom,
 The darkness is cloudy Is this really me? I’m alone and I don’t know what to do The thoughts, they buzz like a bee
Do not dry the ocean of my Love.
Mom Cant Stop Crying Father Continues Trying Children Are Hurt Most
I've been told, "write what you know" But what if all you know is anger and anxiety and pain and drama and crying into your pillow because all of the available shoulders are occupied?
No such thing complexity is A state of mind in all its being Hope and fear gather here To try and give someone some more time   Those who weep because of the unknown
End of the day I find myself conversating with myself
Feet pounding the earth Salty sweat drips in my eyes Not too much longer.
Poems  They're not my thing They have a social stigma Poems   Poems They make my inner thoughts loud My exterior remains so stoic Poems   Poems
You are perfect for me in every way
I write to disappear.
As I look at the doors around me,  I hear a rattling sound coming from one of my belt loops. Then I look to where the sound came from. I saw a key of rings on my belt loop.  
My fingers tell a story as they run Sprinting across the paper
Floating in the lake of nothingness Words flowing in and out  They bear no meaning Or, do they?   Thrashing my arms and legs about Stuck in the thralls of life I am searching for an answer
As lIfe continued, I realized on thing in my life that was missing. People. I was alone. Why does lonliness wrap around one like a blanket, When you are surrounded by a sea of faces? Who am I,
I am obsessive,
At 12:34am those thoughts start trickling in The world is quiet, no distractions First, a few drops of prose Then, a few analogies get sprinkled in Then all of a sudden, an ocean of ideas pour through my brain
Have you listened lately? Or did you become blinded by what you wanted to hear over what you needed to hear. Selective hearing, I guess? My talent is something God gave me a voice to move the room
  A silent child scared to speak a silent child who's afraid of what people think a silent child who so desperately wants to be heard
Yo, My pops hit the intersection, with his leathal weapon On my mother with a birth out of pure unintention And I understand regression, a deep misconception
  I look at your face And my eyes shed a tear
Eyes are restless and heavy  As a brick on the chest cavity sits. My body feels nothing but pure hunger. A hunger for nothing but more slumber.   6:00 a.m Eyes are still restless and heavy 
I found a box of dreams on my door step. Quick, it arrived; quick, it left and I wept. Never did I know that hope once it left. Left me broken and forever bereft. I think how I miss that hope and box of dreams.
That's not what I ment How did you get that from this My words are getting bent My message isn't being sent I don't want to go through this again
This I Believe,
Brain crackling like electricity touched it. Sharp taps at the back of the skull as if it hit cement. Chest tightening, heart missing, one large gaping hole, no lungs for a single breath. Bloody fingers.
Thoughts, feelings, ideas do not matter here In this prison one may call home For me it would be a crime to go against her Her wrath is too fierce, too strong, too sharp Size of the body does not matter
I See You. So if you say that you see me, can you really...? Can you look past my hips, and beyond my thighs... Behind my eyes and into the depths of my mind..
Thoughts, opinions, ideas Circulate through the world. Everyone has them- Young children,  "I wanna go to the park today!" Teenagers, "I wish we had less homework!" And adults, 
Rain Rain Never Go Away You are the only one that understands my pain When everyone shuts me out You open your clouds up and cry with me
Cold nights, Semi-warm days Sitting here for what seems like light years   Watching dozens and dozens just pass by Like I’m invisible or just don’t exist   But why? Why do they proceed on?
In all my life I have always been the little sister The baby Not anymore Please stop saying that All I ever wanted was for someone to hear me I tell them I am no longer that girl
To be heard as an individual is a blessing. To move at the OWN beat of your OWN drum instead of stressing. To beat the statitistics and being able to say "I made it".
I'm speaking
What is this? Nothing comes to mind. All there is just unjust and so called “justice”.
I write words simple sayings and annunciated actions I speak for myself For those too quiet to even whisper For those who've been sick In the mind or sick In the body
I hate you ... for now but as much as I try to forget you I can't because I am you at least half and the more I try and suppress the simple memories of you
If I ever was to die
We tremble with failing fear We become blinded by the luciferous light;   Souls are devoured by the black night  Lives become lost in temptation;  
We tremble with failing fear We become blinded by the luciferous light;   Souls are devoured by the black night  Lives become lost in temptation;  
How do you convey your message in life? Where were you from and what were the conditions?
For yearsI refused to let anyone in -
in the walls I have built up around me
. Walls as cold as stone and hard as concrete. Walls that surrounded my heart so I wouldn't get hurt;
Would you rather be interesting or happy? This is what they teach me to think
Darling, Theres a trick to every story: Read the ending so youre not disappointed. Keep your expectations set low But your head held high, Dont let them ever see you cry. Theyre not worth your tears
I don't rhyme, and I certainly don't reason.  I don't like pasta or milk, I don't want to hold your hand, Or talk about feelings.   I am not pretty or ugly, Or jealous or smart,
Why am I still stuck on you? After all the crap you put me through It wasn't a physical pain That left me black and blue
  It’s really quite pathetic
As I drift off to sleep, my mind enters into a door of dreams, a door filled with adventures for me. Suddenly, I find myself in the sky in marvelous flight Seeing the world from up so high.  
Where there was once only youth there is now wisdom far beyond my years. I have never seen a righteous man forsaken, nor a wild thing sorry for itself...
I don't know how many. 100?  More? Less? That is so many wishes. So many chances to improve the world. So fragile and unguared.
I'm about to spit you something lyrical Have you feeling spiritual Inspirational, sensational literacy I'll make it out the NOLA just wait and I'ma show you By attending college with my profound knowledge
my pencil kissed my paper in quiet determination, as my teacher spoke out- asking, "what is poetry?" A mind like mine mulls over things like this; breathing them in only to spit them out.
Rooms filled with a couple handfuls of angsty teens waiting for the next band to plug in and tune, sweat dripping from the collective brow  of the future of society, the new movement; 
How did we grow apart? Space between us far and wide Like a valley, and empty void, all becaue you lied, you lied to me left in my heart are the crumbs of what I use to feel for you
My dear Dream! You neither come with comforts nor You let me sleep with comfort. From the day one since I've met you until the time I marry you, I stay obsessed with you,
I would like to think you could hear me Even though you are so far away As I sit here and write my feelings onto this page   I hope my words are so loud They can reach you, up there, in Heaven
You said you wanted to die, but I think you just wanted someone to care. You went so long, oh so long, dealing with the whispers behind your back. There were so many people that cared,
May I say first I that I'm horrible in relationships No wait...that's not what the point of this poem is I'm not the point, you are, you always were Until I tore at you and hurt you.
Cool as a summer's breeze you leave me feeling refreshed with such ease. My dearest is funny,witty, and even a little silly..these qualities, or traits, or whatever you may call them
I like to think of life like a pie. On the outside, you see this flaky, buttery crust, Perfectly risen with a golden-brown dome. Normally there’s some kind of gooey fruit filling inside it,
Do you lie in bed at night wondering about the victorious one? What he must be hiding from you, do you ever pray for a sign? It doesn't take miracles, and I know you're not blind
Life is like having a tick irritating like when you get a prick kinda like getting hit by a brick Sometimes you want to let it go But hold on you might find a glow Walkin throug town you get a little down
 “You feel like Kool-Aid in a wine glass, With your fine ass” Best description of you yet, A case of classy containing something brash   Skydiving in a fresh tuxedo Unpredictable
“12.2 million tweets related to Syria since August 21st, and 19 million tweets about the VMAS in 1 day.”   She has come a long way. Catholic statehood in her thigh gap, She fears to be recognized.
No sight! No taste! I’ve lost senses. A cane? A limp? Yet atitude still skimp  Jump into my shoes and one would see That limping through high school wouldn’t leave one with glee.
I wanted to believe that seeing you again wouldn’t tear me down.
I have spent years waiting Waiting to smile Waiting to laugh I have spent years waiting Sometimes I try to speak I try to express myself But no one hears No one answers I am hurting
18 and as lost as can be
Thought is progress.  Progressive is a blanket term used for the common liberal mindset. So is not always the case. To progress, to move forward Humans are said to be progressing I Challenge That.
I want to be an attorney
The sun is shining down on my face The mud is dryin' up in this place I can feel the heat every which way
“You must fake it to make it,” this is what you taught me
They said to keep it be
My teeth bloody themselves Air punching my lungs like Venus, when Helen dared defy her Adolescence plays go fish with identity, it’s not a card Anymore, but it shuffled me topside bottom
smoke  drifting always into the empty void we call home suffocating our repressed emotions crying  to our star-crossed dreams meandering to hollow crooks echoing
Traveling steps, hand in hand Invincibly unbroken, surrepitiously hidden; We. Ripped away this current day,
“She hurts me.” Twelve. Too young to know affection, Too old to not long for its direction, Too young to know God’s Plan, Too old to think she won’t be penalized by the man,
The truth settled in The moment My knees fell Right before your Gunshot
No one told you to see them No one asked you to stare No one cared you spent that moment Wishing they weren’t there   No one believes the scars are true
The Pen moves, The Paper takes the ink. Silence, But the scratching makes me think. The air is thick with the smell of nervous thoughts, Rushed paragraphs, Crossed out and redone.  
Rattling off words, i often find myself pondering why I let you in. I spark back at you any words that quickly   flow out of my my mouth... But why? What for? As if you came looking for me.
Fluency is not as easy as it seems, Rolling off the tongue gently and slowly, Spilling out of the mouth. Spewing out of the closed chops, onto a blank page.   Blanknes tends to tire the restless mind
Goodnight, Moon Eyes, I guess our stars are gone And although I'm just a black hole, I know you could be my sun
Falling to the ground it came Turning back, she looked at the unimaginable pain The hopeless feeling settled in once more Was this real love? Would she ever learn?
​I was born in the land of the free​ where the land lord put a brother let you land in the streets
Imagine spinning around and around while gripping a carpeted wall. The blurs of faces and occasional glimpse of sky soon all melt together into one.
 Dark   Da Darkness  
The Earth shook froma 7.2 shake scale. You had to yell.
Here is a link to my poem th
Here is a link to my poem I want to add to this scholarship poetry slam!  enjoy!
"Erasure," It's a word that's been Thrown around lately Something That has unfortunately Been brought to my attention Because it is about me, It is me. I have been "erased"
Flawlss perfection. Perfect body. Perfect Teeth. Perfect clothes. Then theres me. Im a size 18-20 in pants My teeth are crooked and yellow. I think of Walmart as hollister.
Do you see them? Those people right behind us? Their happiness seems to stem, Like a young girl in a fancy dress.   They pal around, Without a care in the world. And as they clown,
When everyone's screaming nobody cares what anyone else may have to say.
What do you see from me, just dreams and aspirations? You laugh and tease me when I say, “one day I will climb mountains.” I get up to brush the hate and insults away. The rain dries from my face and I start to crawl up the ledge.
Pastel souls
I had always wondered about the family across the street
you made me feel the sadness in my bones
Your hands
smell is a
What if this is just a dream...   An alternate reality     The other side of that mirror you're constantly peering into       A figment of someone's vegetative imagination?  
  People who think they know me! Please, you don't own me.
Everything was so easy In the beginning at least.
I said the word no and meant it That doesn’t mean you ask again Same answer between now and then
Hey baby girl, Head up. I’ve been meaning to tell you A thousand things.
Why can't I talk? Why don't I speak? Is it for the sake of others that my tongue is in cheek? There will always be some things I won't say, There will always problems I can't shout away,
I have not one, but two names One means, "who is like God" The other, a variation of a flower It also means unblemished, virginal You decide, you pick, it makes no difference
The irony isn't so subtle,
People are like songs on the radio Two kinds: Those, that make you see reality and truth And those that are just noise,  meaningless, judgmental, and destructive
I walk along the empty street.
What can you do when there are no other options left
When I’m lonely in a world of my own, I often think of you. I imagine the way you hair never fell into the right place and how that was my absolute favorite thing about you.
the indestructable girl
(When the stars come out at night When the sun sets on the horizon And I'm watching, waiting...) Tell me a story, I'll close my eyes And watch it play out, just like a movie Let's play a game of make believe
Lost in a daze, My head is spinning round and round, Ready to fall to the ground. Heading down a spiral of nothingness,
Everyone deserves love Everyone needs someone to be there for them Everyone needs a best friend Sometimes these best friends end up being your soul mates Who is anyone to say that what they do isn't "right"
Hard to dry my eyes when the sky is so grey. Why do I cry when you seem to be okay? I thought I was done feeling this way, but it seems to me that things will never be the same.
She walks around with a smile on her face But no one sees the struggle it takes The weight that she carries is no simple task
Beauty What is beauty? I mean true beauty, None of that ‘coat yourself in makeup’ or ‘be like everyone else’ stuff. Beauty is strength. But strength comes from pain.  
Why is it that mankind can never truly find happiness? It can be grasped for brief moments in time before it disappears once
Now, I don't want this poem to be thrown in a big pile of others with a similar meaning. I want whoever hands this lands in to understand what i'm saying and feel what they're reading.
Voices, so silenced by society. Forever reminded your words are nothing more than that, words.
I yell until my vocal chords near wreckage, forcing him onto the couch for another night. I'm alone in the cold bed again, watching the piano gather more dust but he doesn't know  
"Listen" My mom is going back and forth Between my dad and a man Always working hard, fussing, and complaining But I make her happy when I can My dad has gone back to school
Sad stories Some here, some there I write them from my soul But no one seems to care All they hear are woeful tales   Brimming eyes with tears I wonder if they feel the pain between the lines
Why is it that some people are liked by many , some are hated by envy and some aren't like for any? In this world materialistic objects and looks are all that matter . name brand clothes all the new shoes , cars money & looks .
There is a whisper In my mind In my core It tells me of creation It tells me of destruction Creation of purity Creation of innocence Destruction of my path Destruction of choice
This is what you call a united nation? Having homeless people stand in the precipitation? With war veterans on streets, asking for change and things of that nature?
Black is the secret kept inside me Cold and lifeless where none can see   Gray is the line upon which I tread To lie or to tell? A choice I dread   White is my soul which none have touched
There are such lines to which I am confined. They are invisible, yet tangible. Strong, yet changeable. These lines are here to limit: To show the traits I truly exhibit.
I know what you’re thinking, Here goes another Muslim. Preachin, teachin tryna change the way the world sees them. But I’ll make this quick. I’m NOT a refugee Born in the south next to American Babies
Beautiful. An arbitrry concept created by mind numbing expectations set fourth by overpriced magazines with images of "socially acceptable" women. Beauty.
Girls wear make ups to enhance their beauty Yet this lady’s face is compose