Bring God In



Hiding in the light of darkness

But there's no sign of the moon,
Feeling like your eyes are closed,
Arms  are crossed, you're in a tomb. 
But I'm actually wide awake
Like on a Friday after noon,
And during the times I'm scraping plates
God's replaced my chopsticks with a spoon. 
They say we only live once, but my life is now eternal,
Accepting God in this cold world helps me resist the inferno. 
The devil is alive, watch out for evil temptations,
From dishonest communication, to disloyal dedications.
God knows the challenges you face, express them through prayurful explanations,
Confess Jesus as your lord and savior is God's main expectation.  
I've confessed it with my tongue now my path is so bright,
That as time flies by I can't tell the day from the night. 
Proverbs 29:18
"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
Without vision, darkness is all we'll see, 
Blindly looking in to the mirror, still no knowing who to be.
In tough times we shall embrace and pleasantly rest in he,
With his lens live worry less, and further more reach destiny.
Accept your father, and he'll provide,
No GPS, but he will guide. 
Because without him we are nothing,
Through his mercy we are something.
I've sacrificed and made decisions,
Can't trust my sight but through his vision,
The bible gives me all the wisdom, 
To do what he wants with precision. 
No I won't say my life is perfect,
But the struggle is well worth it. 
Confess to God he's all you need,
Your heart and mind should both believe. 
That if you're destined to succeed,
Through his will you will achieve. 
Just know that life will throw some curves,
Don't let small failures work your nerves.
Like gator skin this life is rough,
Work hard, keep faith as it gets tough. 
Just when you think it's been too much, 
Is when he'll pick you back up. 
Continually look to improve your relationship with him,
If you don't have one, then let one begin. 
He's out there knocking, you just have to bring him in,
You’ll soon start to resemble Jesus, like you’re fraternal twins. 
So don't live life for the mula, gouda, cheddar or jack,
Kuz no amount of money replaces love whether you're yellow, white or black. 
Some let the money make them, I choose to make it,
No need to show it all off so I budget and bank it. 
Don't focus on the nice cars and dream of money you'll be tossin,
Because even super stars don't take their wealth down to the coffin. 
But go ahead and live nice,
When it's distasteful add some spice,
He's washed away our sins for life,
Just know his blood was the price. 
P.S. This was not written to offend people's faith and beliefs, more so written to save some from living in the world beneath. This was also written to show how my God changes lives, hoping to furthermore shed light on the devil in disguise. Through accepting and believing we can all live in the sky, and appreciate our precious time on earth while not being afraid to die. Thank you all for reading. 
- Twon



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