To Be Heard Through Diversity


Diversity is an aspect of being acknowleged,

It seems so simple,

Being inherantly born as a unique individual

It is the actions behind that diversity that create a rainbow

Shouting for attention

Colors of all shades mixed in one blissful ray

 Among a sea of white paucity

That one ray of light shines brighter than all others, 

With a fire at its heart 

Diversity means to stand out with no remorse 

To be heard like music

 People, men, Women, children alike 

Converging to one great sermon 

To throw aside the differences that once held us apart

Like a mythical bridge to another world

To be heard your love for your own music must be undying  

Such as a mothers love for her baby 

To tap your foot to a jaunty tune with the others 

They are all different, but all the same  

Diversity means to throw aside your differences 

To be heard

A decadent selflessness 

To help makes everything seem brighter 

A candle explodes with a resilient flame every time 

You give your last dollar to a starving man on the corner 

It doesn’t matter what color anyone is  

The selflessness you display can light up their eyes 

Everyone Black and White 

Hispanic and Asian

Hand in hand 

All of the Earth’s children can help the earth no matter their motivations

Diversity means to make the world a better place 

Diversity is a time bomb waiting to explode 

No matter how pure, elegant, beautiful a diamond can seem 

There is always something there to smash it  

Into millions of shards of glass 

Some people filled with hate, cannot accept our differences 

They thrust water at their inner candle, 

Stop the music

And turn out the lights 

The world is one that does not look better with the lights off 

Instead it is one to shine 

Stand out among all others

 Explode with a brightness of no other 

It is a fire work on the fourth of July 

Beautiful Loved  Cherished  

 Diversity means to love who you and everyone else is

And to spread that message wherever life takes you

Diversity is the key to being heard


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