Easy Erica

Taking a trip through the French 25

to drinking Bourbon down the street

to rowing her boat on canal 

but yet life ain't even a dream 

for Easy Erica the sex fiend.


Born in the Big Easy 

life wasn't always easy

from takin' lessons from her daddy

who offered a ride in his caddy

doin' tricks and cuttin' flips

and blowin' clean off the tip

she don't even get tips

unless her panties drop 

and her crop top drops 

to the floor 

in the back

of another John's lac'

thinkin' where she might be headin'

and where she ended up at.


Video vixen, brown suga bombshell 

couldn't even guess that she was livin' in hell 

Shy sweet and modest 

had a dream of college

pushin' hard 

had no limit to her expanding knowledge

But then the levee broke 

and her life and dreams got choke 

in the rough Katrina waters

now the only survivng daughter

surviving and workin' in a

devastating ,repairing jungle

keepin' 20's in a bundle

with a temple that just crumbled.


She lays back 

in the back 

of another John's lac' 

thinkin' where she might be headin' 

and where she ended up at 

till' John started to attack

feelin' the heat that he packed 

pushin' pleasure turned into poundin' pressure

no she couldn't handle that

then he did it with one finger

there goes a former beauty figure

could have been Miss America

                                                    IN LOVING MEMORY OF EASY ERICA 






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