No Longer That Girl

In all my life

I have always been the little sister

The baby

Not anymore

Please stop saying that

All I ever wanted was for someone to hear me

I tell them I am no longer that girl

I am no longer the one that everyone has to protect

I have my own mind

I speak whats in my heart

I may be young

I may be naive

But I am strong as I can be

Help me

Help me to know that you understand

As my brothers my sisters my peers

Let me know that I am not wasting my time

Trying to break through the walls

Trying to tear the barriers apart

One wall says child

The other says adult

I have climbed over the child wall

And I need help breaking down the wall that leads the path to being a adult

Please help me

Please understand

Can you hear me?

Do you get it?

I need your help

I need you to stand by me

I need you to hear me

Because above all else

I would love it if you would open your eyes and see me


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