As I look at the doors around me, 

I hear a rattling sound coming from one of my belt loops.

Then I look to where the sound came from.

I saw a key of rings on my belt loop.


I took it off and held it up to the level of my eyes.

I eyed at it, curious as to what it is.

Then I realized that it the doors were my future,

and the keys were the present.  


I looked at the doors to find that each were different.

Some were plain, some were unique,

Some were scary, and some were beautiful.

Each door had an inscription on there.

They were all written in different languages,

yet I can understand everything that  were on the doors.


I went up to one simple door,

it said "life is meant to be lived in simplicity."

I went up to the scary door,

and it said "if you live in fear, you can't overcome your challenges."

I looked through my key ring to find the key that could possibly be the one for the scary door.

I tried multiple keys until I heard the clicking sound signaling that I found the right key.

I grabbed the door handle and opened the door.


Hopefully this was the right key to follow.


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