Killer Mind


Racing through the paths of your own mind.
Sometimes it's scary to explore your entire self.
You're surprised to find what's hidden back there.
The monsters, the ghouls, remind you of who you truly are.
Tricksters make you believe this is how you will stay forever.
You don't know who to believe.
Yourself or the bodiless voices.
You try and fight it, but this time they take over the mission.
Happy is gone.
Hope is gone.
Optimistic is gone.
Sad is gone.
Who controls the mission?
Rage is here.
Fury is here.
Reckless is here.
Anger is here.
Negative Nancy is here.
Evil is coming through the door as we speak.
Glass is soaring through the air.
Scissors punching through.
Lost hair floating to the ground.
Pillow drowned in salty drops.
Mucus is screaming HELLO!
Stop the quick breaths.
Racing thoughts pierce my brain.
My heart.
Should I witness the beads of red seep through my thigh.
More of a mess to clean the next day.
To clean up the hurricane and pretend like every other day.
Nothing is wrong here.
I just have a killer mind.


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