My mom is going back and forth

Between my dad and a man

Always working hard, fussing, and complaining

But I make her happy when I can

My dad has gone back to school

To make a better life for himsef

But lives daily paying for his mistakes

With his business degree and his wealth

My older brother smokes weed,

Drinks alcohol and has three babies

Twenty seven tattoos, two babymamas

Ad he's only twenty

My little sister is mean and bossy

I always answer when she calls

I'm suppose to be the big sister

But she makes me feel so small

My little, half-sister is

Beautiful and was conceived

Out of broken wedding vows

And disloyalty

Then there's a girl

That smiles to hide the pain

She strives to bring happiness to everyone

Because she's immune to the rain

She is dearly trying

To break the curse cast upon her family

Trying to picure her future as something great

Trying to break away from the negativity

If people knew her life

It would be hard for them to believe

Because she's labeled as that "pretty, happy girl"

Often referred to as "Smiley"

With the life that she has

She's often depressed and alone

Engaging in many activties

Because she just doesn't want to be home

Though everything in her life

Seems to go wrong

She know's greater is coming

And continues to be strong

She can't wait to overcome,

Be successful and to win

But right now, all she wants is

Somebody to listen




This poem makes me feel like I am that little girl and it makes me feel like I can be stronger and make it if that little girl can. This is a great poem it really speaks to me. Great job keep writing. 


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