Through My Eyes

-through my eyes I see a different side of you that you tend to hide from the rest of the world . It's okay to let your guard down sometimes. Your strong personality gets the best of you at times. Not everyone is your enemy or out to get you. Trust? is a simple five letter word that carries a lot of meaning but it seems like your heart has accepted it as just a noun. I may not know the Real you but the truth of the matter is , I know enough to state that I can see right through you. Weather it be the good or the bad in you. Through my eyes, I see a young ambitious lady who is willing to chase her dreams no matter the circumstances, through my eyes I see a young confident lady with a self esteem higher as the sky. Behind every face is a story and yours is just another one looking for a sorry. Weather it be from god, mom or an ex. Broken hearts can't never be explained so you trap your true feelings in a box like it's Fed-ex. Maybe those who once said....better yet those who once made a promise to never leave your side. Yeah, those who you loved so dearly. My intentions weren't meant to be so daring as I write this poem, my darling. The world can be a cruel place, but so can words. so remember what is said can forever stick to the heart.Through my eyes, you are smart, have great sense of humor, easy to talk to, caring, amazing,  beautiful in every way, your big eyes are speculator, skin flawless and when you smile I can't help but smile.  Through my eyes, you have much more to offer to the world than you realize. Your future is very bright, so keep shining like the diamond that you are. 
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