I Twirl

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 20:38 -- Lenaidj

Today is the day I must perform

I wake up in the morning and look outside

The sun's out.

Does that mean I'll be good or--

Will the opposite occur? 

Its time to go...

I drive past homes and stores,

wishing I was in them at this moment.

My belly feels funny,


I arrive to the gym and slowly walk in.

"Set 15...music"

The music plays for the fellow performer. 

I'm on soon.

I stretch, 

put my costume on, 

and painted my makeup on me. 

Makeup couldnt even hide the expression on my face. 

"Set 30",

Oh no...It's my turn.

I walk in front of my judge with my head down. 

I wiped my hand, took a deep breath,

And looked up.

"Music" the man says.

I stuck my chin up, smiled, and then posed.

The music begins to play and,

I twirl. 



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