Tue, 06/17/2014 - 00:48 -- kogura5


Let them set the stone where it belongs
It will appease them
Do not clash with the wills of the many
It will anger them
Do not question those with power
They will sequester you
Learn the rules and laws of those you follow
Or they will bewilder you.
A life controlled by those around you
It sickens you
The poor and weak who hack and cough
It worries you
The money and salt you carry in your pockets
It pleases them
A man who follows blindly and obediently
They require him.
See for yourself the opportunities available
It enlightens you
Realize the consequences of rebellious action
It frightens you
Begin to spread your ideals in secret
It slips past them
Be fooled by a hired ear in trust
It reaches them.
Ensue in the battle you have brought forth
It wounds you
Let your strategy materalize and be realized
It overwhelms them
See your target so close within reach
It fuels you
Claim your prize and cleanse the corrupt
It ends them.
You win
Do you keep your ideals and values?
You change
The mind is bent and twisted under pressure
You fall
A rebellious mind, sickened by your control
You end
The cycle is like your death, eternal.


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