They're Never Quiet

The voices scream their whispers at me.
Their haunting voices fill my mind.
You can't escape your own mind.
There's not amount of running you can do to escape.
Escaping yourself is the hardest thing to do.
The impossible thing to do is run away from yourself.

I cannot kill the demons in my mind.
They are immortal.
They know how to swim.
There is no blocking them out.
They know how to break down the walls.

The voices catch me at my most vulnerable times.
The whispers start out soft and quiet.
Gradually they turn into screaming.
Haunting whispered screams.
Pointing out my flaws, as if I am not aware already.

They bring me to the point of screaming.
I can not scream aloud, but I scream with them.
Even though my screams are ear piercing,
The voices are still louder than my cries.
My brain wracks itself with self-destruction.

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