Water for the Thirsty


Do not dry the ocean of my Love.
As I surrender to the waves,
I see through the window of tides.
The salt water gently opens my I(s).
This sea is my home, I know—to it I gift my life

Let the river flow!
With fulfilled desire of existence and surrender.
Let the passion never slow,
Of being both receiver and sender.
Let the river usher in
The gifts of Seven Seas,
To the many yearning feet 
Of many thirsty trees.

Ah! And the Lake still finds Peace in the still,
No feeling of boredom or loneliness to enter the door of Being.
It quietly becomes enveloped by the Bliss
That leaves no entity ever needing.

Do not dry the Ocean of my Love
I fill it not for my own wealth
But rather to share at least a drop with every reflection of my Self!


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