The real her unedited


Once a pon a time 
From as far back as i could remember there was a girl  
She was a quiet girl with an -attitude which read like the volume of a stereo in the early mornings low there was no temper or the slightest bit of disrespect and it's almost like she had a life plan she couldn't regret but as she matured and grown i guess you could say she blossomed some may even say she sunk like a boat Titanic slow 
But little do you guys know the history of which that little seed had to grow 
In her mind she had to make up  distractions almost like a remedy to be cured from society 
Almost as if she knew the world would chew her up and digest her as slow as that snake digested that poor little rat
She looked at the world as a court system her family and "friends" were her defendants and co-defendants and the rest of the world were her prosecutors and the judge was unknown ... she was approaching the bench for her sentence and just her luck she was sentenced to life in this cold world with no chance of parole
 I know this doesn't  make sense to anyone but it was the way she could explain it to anyone who would listen
though people may think she seemed happy she Truely wished she was alone almost like she was e.t trying to phone home
trying to find use in her own existence she began to write she mainly wrote poems to help make sense of her crazy imagination she formed her stanzas through her experiences people may have never guessed she's  been through and if  you asked her today how the words come to her she'll tell you the words flow through her veins like trains go through tunnels fast never slow it's her body's main attraction doctors call it blood flow


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