Sat, 09/06/2014 - 18:31 -- NidiaKJ


This unforgettable reminiscence haunts her daily,

why can't IT let her be?

Don't they know that it wounds within the spirit and mind?

It shouldn't be this way,

she shouldn't be bothered by this!

Hating the way it makes her feel but if she didn't feel this way,

she wouldn't know how much 'THEY' impact her life.

I manage to catch her deep in thoughts,

saying "it like a cinema to her,"

finding herself in verge of tears or smiling at the flickering image.

I see her drowning slowly in beneath the waves,

painfully sinking into this beauitful yet cruel night.

Will she be able to survive this?

I manage to convince myself that,


She just got to keep smiling throughout the day and stay positive!

But she tells me her subconscious reminds her of 'them'

bringing back every upsetting details,and times.

Telling her that she will die within herself.

I despise her.



She usually not this ominous,

but the emotions are surfacing now,

nothing can get rid of this feeling of hers.

Everything seems to remind of her 'them' can it be just how they are?

Their sweet gentle ways or how alike they are?

People said opposite attract,

we aren't opposite but I'm sure is attracted to


Guide that inspired this poem: 




how our shame and guilt will drag us down

feelings we cannot get around

every sense of 'freedom' seems simply to further drown.

but what is death to oneself?

and how can this be?

a heave, a ho, and yet an arm out to cleave.

the pit of self is something we keep trying to fill

to one day finally know how to experience a thrill.

till these memories may transorm to testimonies

they will simply always kill.



What a affecting poem.. the dark ghost can haunt your soul but we have to fight it through.. not let it catch into our thoughts..

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