To Grow Without


Who knows what it's like?

To grow without.


We live every day

hoping to find food on our table

hoping to make it out of this world

a trailor world.


We don't look normal.

We're either overweight or under it.

People think we have problems because of it.

People think I'm fat because I eat too much,

but I eat too little.


We strive our entire lifetime

to become somebody.

We strive for education;

education would get us out.

We strive to get to college,

but we know we won't be able to pay.


Who really knows how it feels to grow without?

the people who experience it


I would not perfer any other way however

because I grew with nothing I'll be good forever.

My momma made me strong and sweet,

I love so easy, and I won't feel defeat.


To grow without,

it's hard sometimes.

I cry and I doubt,

but I'll live my life.

If I get to college,

my life will be filled forever

because I could become somebody

and start the progress of the trailor people.

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