What Is Love?


What Is Love?


Is it staying with him after he hits on you repeatedly?

Is it lying to him , just to keep him happy?

Is it getting around knowing she's at home waiting for you ; while you're out tyrna' get a quickie?


I've never experienced this thing we all desire call Love.

So I can't really give you my definition of it.


But I have Dreamed of it before.


And In My Dreams I see him holding her tight in his arms and never letting go.


I see them talking on the phone for hours and hours and never becoming bored with each other.

I see her getting him gifts on his birthday even when he tells her not to.

I see him gazing into her eyes telling her she's so beautiful even when she doesn't feel her best.


In My Dreams I see him cherishing her and every moment he has with her.

I see him comforting her when she need comfort.

I see her just dropping everything and everyone so she could spend the rest of her life with him.

I see him doing the same.


In My Dreams I see them united as one in their relationship , With A Love So Strong No Force Can Break Them.

I see her feeling So Magical , So Amazed.

Like A 5-Year Old Girl and her first time at Disney World.

I see him wanting to just shout to the world " IM IN LOVE! "

I see him NOT wanting to jump on it

I see him wanting to take it slow.

I see him wanting to hold her and embrace her presence more than wanting to kiss her.

I see him wanting to Make Love to her Body , Mind , And Soul.

And not wanting to have SEX!


In My Dreams I see other people becoming envoius of how strong their love is for eachother.

I see obsticles being thrown at them.

I see them over comming them and becoming Stronger.

I see him never wanting to lose her.

I see her never wanting to lose him.

I see him wanting to pop the Big Question someday and have a family with her.


Im My Dreams I see them growing old together and supporting eachother.

And In My Dreams the Older they grow the Younger they feel.

And with every Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, And Second they're together the more they seem to have this Glow.


In My Dreams I see their offspring finding the same Love they found when they we're that age.


Hopefully, someday I'll be able to have a Love like this.


They say that when you have a dream more than once it'll come true.


I Dream about this every Day And Night.


So Maybe I'll Be Blessed With A Love As Great As Their's.



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