Who am I

Who am I?
I'm the girl in the corner that keeps her quiet and to herself.

I'm the girl that has the crush on that one cute popular guy in school.

I'm the girl that puts a mask on when she goes to school so no one would ask if I'm okay.

I'm that girl that when she gets home it ain't no safe haven.

I'm that girl who cries herself to sleep hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

I'm that girl that prays to God every night,

praying "God don't leave me. Stay with me.". 

I'm that girl that tries to look for the good in people,

the one that wants to help those that are hurt though I'm the one no one helps. 

But I'm also the girl that has grown,

that girl that is now a stronger woman.

I'm that girl that actually is thankful for everything of my past,

because they've made me the strong woman I am today.

So who am I you are asking...

My name is Gaby and I am strong. 


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