Mon, 07/07/2014 - 02:32 -- j2thez


As I walk away from you

Slowly, step by step

I realize that it's hard to leave

Someone who has already left.


Each time I blink my eyes

The memories come back

And I realize what you need

Is something that I lack.


People say my eyes are pretty

But not pretty enough for you

I'd do anything for you to love me

The way you used to.


People say my smile is good

Brightening the room

But this smile only exists

Whenever I'm with you.


You looked at me like I meant something

Maybe that's what made me fall

Now I'm just sitting here by the phone

Waiting for you to call.


I want you to call me

And say it was all a mistake

Becase I don't know how much longer

This smile can be faked.


I'll keep on smiling

If it's the last thing I do

I just wish my smile was still

All because of you.



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