"I am aspiring to be"...

I am aspiring to be...
Aspiring to be a proud parent
Aspiring to be a woman, Independent!
Aspiring to be a extraordinary woman
Aspiring to get all that I have been deserving
Letting go of Aspirations that were un-nerving.

I'm anticipating a life of adventure
Anticipating friendships to last for ever
for all unhealthy relationships to be severed...

I am anticipating on learning how to play poker
I am aspiring to be active, and funny, 
some what of a joker, 
not take life so seriously, 
I am aspiring on being a non-smoker
To be a happier healthier me

I am aspiring & anticipating on being a better me!
for me not just for any one, because 
I am aspiring to be a phenomenal woman!



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